Drunk joke: a drunkard at the doctor

In the eyes of a true drinker everyone's a drunkard.

In the eyes of a true drinker everyone’s a drunkard.

From time to time we like to share some good old drinking jokes with you. Nothing serious, just to put a smile on that face. This time we have a short one for you, in the classic category “a man walks into the doctor’s office”. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and share it with your mates while consuming a few beverages at your favorite pub. Cheers!

A heavy drinker struggles with his health. He suffers from shaky limbs, clouded head, lack of energy, massive headaches. Every day his complaints seem to get worse and at some point he decides to go see his doctor.
“So what do you think is causing my problems doctor”, he asks after a brief examination. The doctor scratches his head and says: “I really can’t tell. It could be the alcohol.”
The man looks up and says: “That’s okay doc, happens to the best of us. I’ll come back tomorrow when you might be sober.”

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