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The famous Rat-Pack (from left to right Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra) had plenty of famous drinking quotes.

The famous Rat-Pack (from left to right Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra) left the world plenty of famous drinking quotes.

Alcohol through the years has been used in many famous quotes and sayings. Some phrases make you think, some are just funny and some are nothing less that poetic. On our weblog we brought you many of these famous and less famous drinking quotes always under the header “Ain’t that the truth?!” We felt that these quotes deserved their very own page, where you can easily read them one after another. Since we have quite a lot of quotes and some of them are very long, we decided to show them here just partly, so you have a clear overview. The full quotes are only a click away.

Frank Sinatra: “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink…”
George Best: “In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol…”
Lord Byron: “Man being reasonable must get drunk…”
H.L. Mencken: “A prohibitionist is the sort of man…”
Oscar Wilde: “Work is the curse…”
Frank Zappa: “You can’t be a real country unless…”
Jack Handey: “Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer…”
Frank Sinatra: “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy…”
Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Milk is for babies…”
Chelsea Handler: “There are two kinds of people I don’t trust…”
George Bernard Shaw: “Alcohol is the anesthesia…”
Brendan Behan: “I only drink at two occasions…”
W. C. Fields: “It was a woman who drove me to drink…”
Ron White: “If life gives you lemons…”
Shane MacGowan: “The most important thing to remember about drunks…”
William Faulkner: “Civilization begins with distillation.”
Benjamin Franklin: “There can not be good living…”
George Best: “I spent a lot of my money on booze…”
Benjamin Franklin: “Beer is living proof that God…”
William Butler Yeats: “The problem with some people is…”
George Saintsbury: “It is the unbroken testimony of all history…”
Raymond Chandler: “Alcohol is like love…”
Ernest Hemingway: “I drink to make other people…”
Winston Churchill: “A lady came up to me one day and said…”
Friedrich Nietzsche: “For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity…”
Charles Bukowski: “I like to change liquor stores frequently…”
Brian O’Rourke: “When we drink, we get drunk…”
Charlie Sheen: “I was shackled and oppressed by the cult of AA…”
Dean Martin: “You’re not drunk if you can…”
Humphrey Bogart: “The problem with the world is that…”
Benjamin Franklin: “In wine there is wisdom…”
Dylan Thomas: “An alcoholic is someone you don’t like…”
Joe E. Lewis: “I went on a diet and swore off drinking…”
Jim Morrison: “It’s like gambling somehow…”
Mark Twain: “Sometimes too much to drink…”
Sammy Davis Jr: “Alcohol gives you infinite patience…”
David Day: “If God had intended us to drink beer…”
Dave Berry: “Without question the greatest invention…”
Joe E.  Lewis: “I distrust camels…”
Steven Wright: “24 hours in a day…”
George Gobel: “I’ve never been drunk…”
Jim Jeffries: “I love drinking, I hate people who don’t drink…”
Joe E. Lewis: “Whenever someone asks me if I want water…”
Jerome K. Jerome: “Throw the lumber over, man…”
N. F. Simpson: “Reality is an illusion…”
Raymond Chandler: “I think a man ought to get drunk at least…”
Fidel Castro: “It would be liberating to be free to do…”
John Huston: “I like to think that God is not dead…”
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin: “A man who was fond of wine…”
Thomas de Quincy: “It is most absurdly said…”
William Shakespeare: “O God, that men should put an enemy in…”
Winston Churchill: “I have taken more out of alcohol…”
Giuseppe Garibaldi: “Bacchus has drowned more men…”
Mark Twain: “Of the demonstrably wise there are but two…”
Phil Harris: “I’m going to be around until the Atomic Energy Commission…”
H.L, Mencken: “The harsh, useful things of the world…”
Galileo Galilei: “Wine is sunlight…”
Henry Fielding: “Let me advise you, Madam…”
Graham Greene: “Champagne, if you are seeking the truth, is better…”
Dave Barry: “Not all chemicals are bad…”
P.G. Wodehouse: “Alcohol is a…”
Abraham Lincoln: “I am a firm believer in the people…”
Charles Bukowski: “Drinking is an emotional thing…”


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  2. GK Chesterton: “Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable. Never drink when you are wretched without it, or you will be like the grey-faced gin-drinker in the slum; but drink when you would be happy without it, and you will be like the laughing peasant of Italy. Never drink because you need it, for this is rational drinking, and the way to death and hell. But drink because you do not need it, for this is irrational drinking, and the ancient health of the world.”


  3. “don’t grow a long beard if your planning for a long beer session.. It will most probably drink most of it”


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