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Dear drinkers and party animals. We try to give you the best from the wonderful world of alcohol. But there’s more to the world than just drinking. Therefor we made a selection of weblogs that give you a nice addition to the stories we’re bringing you. So pay them a visit soon.

Alcohol Tourism

Awkward Vodka

Beer is your Friend


Ben’s Beer Blog

Bier & Trein

Bierbattered [.] com

Booze Business

The Booze Guru

Broke and Thirsty

The Buddha in your Glass

The Champagne Way

Dear Booze

Drinks Enthousiast

The Drunken Cyclist

Everyday Drinking

The Fervent Shaker

Good Booze


I Think About Beer

Life on a Box Wine Budget

Liquorstore Bear

Modern Drunkard Magazine

Oh Beautiful Beer

On the Sauce Again

Rex Crum (Why daddy drinks)

R U Pissed?

Señorita Vino


Things that Fizz & Stuff

This is Why I’m Drunk

Tipsy Bartender

Top Food Facts


The Wine Wankers



5 thoughts on “Websites about Drinking

    • I think you can tell me more than the other way around. Not really a cocktail maker myself. I do enjoy drinking them though!
      Btw… I have only recently added your blog. Can’t believe I was so selfish to keep it from the visitors for so long! 😉


  1. Your blog’s a hoot! I’m following. Thanks for checking out mine.


  2. There is a new website that has over 6000 Happy Hours across the country (and counting)! Finding a Happy Hour near you has never been easier.



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