The Party Calendar

With this calender every day there's an excuse for a party.

With this calender every day there’s an excuse for a party.

You ever feel guilty that you are in the mood to drink, but there seems to be no occasion? Well fear no more, there’s always an occasion. And when your friends and relatives start to worry why you get hammered on an average Monday or Wednesday just point to this calendar. This is the ultimate party agenda with celebrations all over the world. Our perfect excuse to be drunk 365 years in a row. And when the year has an extra day every four years that’s worth celebrating too of course. We hope to add more and more festivities to this list.


1 New Years Day, Triumph of the Revolution (Cuba)
2 Ancestry Day at Haiti, Berchtoldstag (Switzerland/Liechtenstein)
3 Japanese Tamaseseri Festival
4 Ogoni Day (Nigeria)
5 National Bird Day (USA), Niki Pernik Day
6 Epiphany/Theophany (Catholics)
7 Orthodox Christmas
8 Kim Jong-un’s Birthday (North Korea)
9 Martyr’s Day (Panama)
10 Benin Traditional Day
11 Albanian Republic Day, Eugenio Maria de Hostos Day (Puerto Rico)
12 Memorial Day (Turkmenistan), Indian National Youth Day
13 Orthodox New Year
14 Georgian National Flag Day
15 Korean Alphabet Day, John Chilembwe Day (Malawi)
16 Teacher’s Day (Thailand), Birthday of Nick the Great
17 Start of the Patras Carnaval (Greece)
18 Tunesian Revolution Day
19 Orthodox Epiphany
20 Azerbaijan Martyr’s Day
21 Errol Barrow Day (Barbaros), Lady of Altagracia Day (Domenican Republic)
22 Ukranian Union Day
23 Bounty Day (Pitcairn Island)
24 Unification Day in Romania
25 National Voter’s Day in India
26 Australia Day
27 Day of St. Sava (Serbia)
28 Armenian Army Day
29 Day of Saint Juniper
30 Martyr’s Day (India)
31 Independence Day of Nauru

1 Imbolc
2 Constitution Day (Philippines), Groundhog Day
3 Heroes’ Day (Mozambique)
4 Independence Day (Sri Lanka)
5 Mexican Constitution Day
6 Waitangi Day, Day of the Sami people
7 Independence Day in Grenada
8 Prešeren Day (Slovenia)
9 Remember the death of Max Yasgur
10 Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in Malta
11 Japanese Foundation Day
12 Georgia Day, Darwin Day
13 World Radio Day
14 Valentine’s Day, St. Tryphon’s Day
15 Serbian National Day (1st Serbian uprising), Nirvana Day (Budhism)
16 Serbian National Day (1st Serbian Constitution)
17 Independence Day of Kosovo
18 Gambian Independence Day, Women’s Day in Iran
19 Flag Day (Turkmenistan)
20 World Day of Social  Justice
21 International Mother Language Day
23 Russian Defender of the Fatherlands Day
28 Taiwanese Peace Day
29 Intercalary Day

1 Beer Day in Iceland, Independence Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina
2 Peasants Day in Burma
3 Bulgarian Liberation Day, International Mother’s Day
4 St. Casimir’s Day
5 St. Piran’s Day (Cornwall, England)
6 Independence Day in Ghana
7 Albanian Teachers’ Day
8 International Women’s Day
9 Teachers’ Day in Lebanon
10 Tibetan Uprising Day
11 World Plumbing Day
12 National Day at Mauritius
13 Remembrance discovery of Uranus
14 Albanian Summer Day, Pi Day
15 Hungarian National Day (memorial of the 1848 revolution)
16-17 Festival of Dyonisos/Bacchus
17 St. Patrick’s Day (Ireland)
18 Flag Day on Aruba
19 Father’s Day for Catholics
20 International Day of Happiness, Tunisian Independence Day
21 Persian New Year/Nowruz, South African Human Rights Day,  (Mexico)
22 World Water Day (no water, no beer right?!)
23 Day of Hungarian-Polish Friendship, Lieldienas (Latvia)
24 Day of National Revolution (Kyrgyzstan)
25 Freedom Day (Belarus), Revolution Day (Greece)
26 Purple Day
27 World Theatre Day
28 Teacher’s Day (Czech Republic and Slovakia)
29 Chinese Youth Day
30 National Doctor’s Day (USA)
31 Freedom Day at Malta

1 April Fool’s Day
2 Malvinas Day (Argentina)
3 World Party Day
4 Independence Day of Senegal, Peace Day in Angola
5 Remembrance death of Kurt Cobain
6 Tartan Day
7 World Health Day
8 Buddha’s Birthday
9 Georgian Day of National Unity
10 Siblings Day (USA)
11 Day of Juan Santamaria (Costa Rica), King Gambrinus Day
12 Celebration first man in space
13 New Year in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand
14 Jurshital (Nepal)
15 Memorial of the Hillsborough Disaster
16 World Voice Day
17 Flag Day in American Samoa
18 Independence Day in Zimbabwe
19 National Health Day in Kiribati
20 Start Ridván
21 Tiradentes‘ Day (Brazil)
22 Earth Day, Discovery Day in Brazil
23 St. George’s Day (England)
24 Armenian Genocide Remembrance,  Democracy Day (Nepal)
25 Italian Liberation Day, Anzac Day, Portuguese Freedom Day
26 Remembrance of Chernobyl disaster, Union Day (Tanzania)
27 Dutch King’s Day, South African Freedom day
28 Sardinian National Day, National  Heroes Day (Barbados)
29-May 5th Japanese Golden Week
30 International Jazz Day, Walpurgis Night

1 Labour Day
2 Flag Day (Poland)
3 Polish Constitution Day
4 Remembrance of the Dead (Holland)
5 Dutch Liberation Day, Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)
6 International No Diet Day
7 Defender of the Fatherland Day (Kazakhstan)
8 Victory in Europe Day
9 Victory Day (in former Soviet countries)
10 Independence Day (Romania)
11 Human Rights Day (Vietnam)
12 Day of the Finnish Identity
13 Rotuma Day
14 Flag Day (Paraguay)
15 Republic Day (Lithuania), Independence Day (Paraguay)
16 Mass Graves Day in Iraq
17 Constitution Day Norway
18 Victoria Day (Canada)
19 Turkish Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day
20 Independence Day (Cuba), National Day (Cameroon)
21 Independence Day (Montenegro)
22 Republic Day (Sri  Lanka), Unity Day (Yemen)
23 Student’s Day (Mexico)
24 Day of the Cyrilic Alphabet
25 (USA)
26 Georgian Independence Day
27 World MS Day
28 Flag Day (Phillippines), Republic Day (Nepal)
29 Democracy Day (Nigeria)
30 Canary Islands Day
31 1st day Gawai Dayak

1 Azores Day
2 Italian Republic Day
3 Martyr’s Day (Uganda)
4 National Unity Day (Hungary), Flag Day (Estonia)
5 World Environment Day, Liberation Day (Seychelles)
6 National Day of Sweden
7 Sette Giugno (Malta), Flag Day (Peru)
8 World Ocean’s Day
9 National Heroes’ Day (Uganda)
10 Portugal Day
11 Kamehameha Day (Hawaii)
12 Russia Day, Independence Day Philippines
13 Inventor’sDay (Hungary)
14 Freedom Day (Malawi), Flag Day (USA)
15 National Salvation Day (Azerbaijan)
16 Youth Day (South Africa)
17 Icelandic National Day
18 Waterloo Day, National Day (Seychelles)
19 World Sauntering Day
20 Argentinian National Flag Day
21 Northern solstice
22 Remembrance Day Victims of the Great Patriotic War (Belarus)
23 Kupala Night (Poland)
24 Inca festival
25 Croatian Statehood Day, Remembrance death of Michael Jackson
26 Ratcatcher’s Day (Germany)
27 Unity Day (Tadjikistan),
28 Ukranian Constitution Day, Serbian anniversary battle of Kosovo
29 Independence Day (Seychelles)
30 Independence Day (Dem. Rep. Congo)

1 Canada Day, Madeira Day
2 World  UFO Day
3 Independence Day (Belarus)
4 Independence Day USA, 4-7 Dree Festival (India)
5 St. Cyril and Methodius Day (Czech Republic)
6 Jan Hus Day (Czech Republic), Kupala Night (Russia, Ukraine & Belarus)
7 Ivan Kupala Day
8 Remembrance death Kim Il-Sung (North Korea)
9 Argentinian Independence Day
10 Independence Day (Bahamas), Nikola Tesla Day
11 1st day of Naadam (Mongolia),  Day of the Flemish Community
12 Orange Man’s Day (Northern Ireland)
13 Statehood Day (Montenegro)
14 French Bastille Day
15 Day of Vladimir the Great
16 World Snake Day
17 Independence Day (Slovakia), Constitution Day (South Korea)
18 Mandela Day
19 Liberation Day (Nicaragua)
20 Día del Amigo (Argentina), Independence Day (Colombia)
21 Belgian National Holiday
22 Ratcatcher’s Day (Germany), Pi Approximation Day, Birthday of Sobhuza II, former king of Swaziland.
23 Revolution Day (Egypt)
24 (USA)
25 Inca Festival for Thunder God Ilyapa
26 Independence Day in Liberia and Maldives
27 National Sleepy Head Day (Finland)
28 Peruvian Independence Day, Liberation Day San Marino
29 Ólavsøka (Faroe Islands), International Tiger Day
30 International Friendship Day
31  (Celtic harvest festival)


1 Swiss National day, Lughnassadh, Remembrance of the Warsaw uprising
2 Macedonian Day of the Republic, International Beer Day
3 Independence Day (Niger)
4 Constitution Day (Cook Islands)
5 Croatian Victory Day
6 Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony or “A-bomb Day” (Japan), Bolivian Independence Day, Jamaican Independence Day
7 Republic Day (Ivory Coast), Remembrance Battle of Boyacá (Colombia)
8 Nane Nane (Farmers’ Day) in Tanzania, Swedish Flag Day
9 International Day of the World’s Indigenous people, Malaysian Day.
10 Declaration of Independence of Quito (Ecuador)
11 Independence Day in Chad
12 Glorious Twelfth (United Kingdom), International Youth Day
13 International Lefthanders Day
14 Gerakan Pramuka (Indonesia), Pakistan’s Independence Day
15 Assumption of Mary, Indian Independence Day
16 Remembrance death of Elvis Presley
17 Independence Day in Indonesia  and Gabon
18 Constitution Day (Indonesia)
19 Savior of the Apple Feast Day (Russia & Ukraine), Feast of the Transfiguration
20 Hungarian Day of St. Istvan
21 Ninoy Aquino Day (Phillippines)
22 Russian National Flag Day
23 Umhlanga
24 Independence Day (Ukraine), Willka Raymi (Peru)
25 Independence Day (Uruguay)
26 Herero Day (Namibia)
27 Independence Day (Moldova)
28 Orthodox Christian Dormition of Mary
29 Miner’s Day in Ukraine
30 Turkish Victory Day
31 Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan, Malaya and Trinidad & Tobago.

1 Slovakian Constitution Day, Uzbek Independence Day, Flag Day (Honduras)
2 Democracy Day (Tibet)
3 Australian Flag Day
4 Immigrant’s Day (Argentina)
5 Gloucester Day (England)
6 Bulgarian Unification Day
7 Brazilian Independence Day
8 Macedonian Day of Independence
9 Independence Day (Tajikistan)
10 National Day of Gibraltar
11 National Day of Catalunya
12 National Day of Cape Verde
13 Remembrance death of 2Pac
14 Hindi Divas (India)
15 International Day of Democracy, Knowledge Day (Azerbaijan), Independence Day of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Battle of Brittain Day
16 Mexican Independence Day
17 Angolan Heroes’ Day
18 World Watering Monitoring Day
19 International Talk Like a Pirate Day
20 National Youth Day (Thailand)
21 Founder’s Day Ghana, Armenian Independence Day, Independence Day Malta, Independence Day Belize.
22 Bulgarian Independence Day, 23 National Day (Saudi Arabia)
24 Ukranian Independence Day, South African Heritage Day
25 Arthur’s Day (Ireland)
26 European Day of Languages
27 World Tourism Day
28 Czech Statehood Day (St. Wenceslas)
29 Day of Machine-Building Industry Workers (Russia)
30 Recovery Day (Canada)

1 Intercession of the Theotokos (Orthodox Christians)
2 Mehregan (Iran)
3 German Unity Day, End of the Siege of Leiden (Holland)
4 World Animal Day
5 Republic Day (Portugal)
6 Dukla Pass Victims Day (Slovakia)
7 Death of Edgar Allan Poe
8 Croatian Independence Day
9 World Post Day, Ugandan Independence Day, Hangul Day
10 Taiwanese National Day
11 Macedonian Revolution Day
12 Columbus Day
13 Prince Rwagasore Day (Burundi)
14 Celebration of the first Christian church in Georgia
15 Lords of the Drinks Day (birthday of this blog)
16 Remembrance death of Tose Proeski (Macedonia)
17 Dessalines Day (Haïti)
18 Independence Day (Azerbaijan)
19 Mother Teresa Day (Albania)
20 Revolution Day (Guatemala)
21 Trafalgar Day (Brittish Empire)
22 Jidai MatsuriJidai Matsuri (Japan)
23 Hungarian National Day (proclamation of the 3rd Hungarian Republic)
24 Independence Day (Zambia)
25 Sovereignty Day (Slovenia)
26 Austrian National day (Declaration of Neutrality)
27 Flag Day (Greece), Independence Day (Turkmenistan)
28 Greek “Ochi Day“, Tbilisoba (Georgia)
29 Turkish Republic Day
30 Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions (former Soviet countries)
31 Reformation Day, Samhain

1 All Saint’s Day (popular in Mexico as Day of the Dead)
2 All Souls’ Day
3 Culture Day (Japan), Indepence Day in both Panama and Dominica
4 Unity Day (Russia)
5 Guy Fawkes Night
6 Finnish Swedish Heritage Day
7 Hungarian Opera Day
8 International Day of Radiology
9 Day of the Skulls (Bolivia)
10 Day of Remembrance of Atatürk (Turkey)
11 Veterans Day (end of WW I), Polish Independence Day
12 Constitution Day (Azerbaijan)
13 World Kindness Day
14 King’s Feast (Belgium)
15 Brazilian Republic Day
16 Icelandic Language Day
17 International Students Day
18 Independence Day (Morocco)
19 Discovery of Puerto Rico, Monaco National Day, World Toilet Day
20 Mexican Revolution Day
21 World Hello Day
22 Day of the Albanian alphabet
23 Japanese Labour Thanksgiving Day, St. George’s Day (Georgia)
24 Evolution Day
25 National Day (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
26 Republic Day (Mongolia)
27 Maaveerar Naal (Tamils in Sri Lanka)
28 Albanian Independence Day
29 Albanian Liberation Day
30 Bonifacio Day (Philippines)

1 Romanian Great Union Day
2 National Day (for both Laos and United Arab Emirates)
3 National Doctors Day (Cuba)
4 Tupuo I Day (Tonga)
5 Saint Nicholas Eve (Holland and Belgium)
6 Spanish Constitution Day, Finnish Independence Day
7 Armed Forces Flag Day (India)
8 Bulgarian Student Day
9 Yuri’s Day in Autumn (Russia)
10 International Day of Human Rights
11 International Day of the Mountains
12 Russian Constitution Day
13 St. Lucy’s Day/Midwinter Festival (Scandinavia), Republic Day (Malta)
14 Monkey Day, Day of the Martyred Intellectuals (Bangladesh)
15 Consualia (Ancient Rome),
16 South African Day of Reconciliation, Independence Day Kazakhstan, Victory Day (India and Bangladesh)
17 National Day of Bhutan, Saturnalia (ancient Rome)
18 National Day of Qatar, Republic Day in Niger, Birthday of Keith Richards
19 Liberation Day (Goa)
20 Bo Aung Kyaw Day (Myanmar), International Human Solidarity Day
21 Southern solstice, First day of Pancha Ganapati, São Tomé Day
22 Armed Forces Day (Vietnam), Unity Day (Zimbabwe), Mother’s Day (Indonesia)
23 The Emperor’s Birthday (Japan)
24 Christmas Eve
25 1st Christmas Day
26 2nd Christmas Day
27 Constitution Day (North Korea)
28 King Taksin Memorial Day (Thailand)
29 Irish Constitution Day, Mongolian Independence Day
30 Freedom Day (church of Scientology), Rizal Day (Philippines)
31 New Year’s Eve

A lot of holidays are not mentioned for the simple reason that they don’t always fall on the same date. Christian, Islamic or Budhist celebrations for example. But also Chinese festivities do not conform with the Western calender. So no Carnaval, Easter or even International Izbuhvam Day in this list, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate them.

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    • Hmmm not a big fan of this baby hype… But the 22nd of July was still open and that’s unacceptable. I came up with Pi Approximation Day and the birthday of the late king Sobhuza II of Swaziland! 😉


  1. Can I add Keith Richards’ birthday on the 18th of December? If there’s one man who deserves his own party day it’s him. Or Charlie Sheen (September 3rd)


  2. World Radio Day? No, tomorrow is Desperation Day (where everyone is desperately looking for a date for Valentine’s Day at the bars). It’s a holiday created by How I Met Your Mother.


    • Good idea… Is this always on the same date? Or a certain Tuesday? Cause those events that switch dates every year we didn’t put in this calendar unfortunately.


  3. 14th of May – International Day of Freelancer;
    30th of September – International Translation Day.


  4. I could add a Drunkards guide to Halloween Party drinking in costume. Creative in all the right catagories. Drinks that youve never heard of & Characters youve never seen w/ a buzz.

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    • Hey Colin,
      Of course these great days should be celebrated. But like Easter and a few other holidays including International Izbuhvam Day the International Culture of Drink Days don’t have a steady date, so we can’t put it on the calendar. However you can be sure I’ll raise a few glasses this weekend!



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