Real Drunk Stories

Cartoon (by Lurchy Voda) of Micky after Student's Day 2011.

Cartoon (by Lurchy Voda) of Micky after Student’s Day 2011.

Last time we had a poll you guys we saw a large demand for real life drunk stories. Since then we posted quite some and now it’s time that this category gets it’s own handy dossier too. All of these stories are a 100% true. Not just semi autobiographic, but the real deal. No fiction. These are the experiences of your main writers Nikolay and Micky, as well as some guest writers. Because of this diversity you’ll find the name of the author behind each story. Hope you enjoy our crazy stories.


Waking up in the elderly home (Micky)

A dream come true: drinking and partying in the building of the university (Nikolay)

Ace your calculus test drunk (Vojda Lurchy)

Karma is real, so open your door to drunks (Micky)

How drinking leads to legal burglary (The Hurricane Klets)

Student’s Day 2011: The toilet incident unraveled (Micky, Nikolay, Vojda Lurchy)

The night we took over the world (Micky)

My summer of 2009: Crashing a car, a panic attack and drunk fire fighters (Micky)

Drunk sea diving and an open-air bed (Nikolay)

A drunk night walk over the windowsill on the 7th floor (Micky)

An epic birthday that ended in a Dutch canal (Micky)

The Coughy MacCoughtail (Micky)

A bizar drunken dream written down right after waking up (Micky)

Last drunk night in Kiev turns into Locked up Abroad episode (Micky)

A weekend Jack Sparrow could have had (if he played football) (Micky)

The drunk train between Sofia and Belgrade (Micky)

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