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Science can be really cool. Especially when alcohol is involved.

Science can be really cool. Especially when alcohol is involved.

Through the years there have been many interesting researches and tests with a relation to alcohol. We have published about them in the past and in this dossier you can easily find the whole bunch. We start of with our very own test to check how much of an alcoholic you are. The other stories are based on research by professors and doctors, well we mastered in drinking and did a PhD on heavy exploding. Anyway, have a look and discover why science can be very cool.


Rejection leads to alcohol consumption
A test with fruit flies proves that not only humans are attracted to alcohol when they strike out in love.

Diet soda gets you drunk faster
About the differences between mixed drinks with regular soda’s and light soda’s.

Little alcoholic proves that mother nature is a boozer
The pen-tailed tree shrew is a small animal that is drunk a third of it’s life. Scientists explain their theories.

Why Indians are alcoholics and Asians can’t drink
The racial differences explained. Why some people can handle their liquor better than others.

Get the children drunk to keep therm safe
Experiments showing how the fruit fly protects it’s kids from predators with alcohol.

Why smoking and drinking go so well together
Scientists experimented on rats with nicotine and alcohol and found out why your beer goes so well with a cigarette.

Feeling depressed? Have some red wine
Research shows that people who drink red wine have less chance of getting depressed.

The disease that turns your body into a brewery
A very rare (and cool) disease is explained in this post.

Red wine, the best diet to a superslim figure
Scientists discover a compound in red wine that keeps you from getting fat.

Abstinent people more likely to die young than heavy drinkers
University of Texas found out that abstinence increases the chance of a premature death.

Alcohol possibly slows down the muscle disease MS
Belgian and Dutch researchers found clear indications that the progress of a certain type of multiple sclerosis is slowed down by 4 to 7 years.

English university spends 20.000 Pounds on pub
Psychology department of the South Bank University in London built a complete pub to investigate “why people get drunk”

Why alcohol can make women clingy and men unfaithful
The Oregon University in the United States tested how alcohol influenced the social behavior of prairie voles. This might explain the differences between men and women too when they’re drunk.

Sober worm breakthrough in quest for drug that causes immunity to alcohol
Scientists from the University of Texas have created a mutated worm that is immune to alcohol. A big step towards a drug that does the same for humans.

Scientists conclude: “Men enjoy alcohol more than women”
Researchers from the universities of Pittsburg and Oslo had an experiment with social drinking. Turns out alcohol increases the happiness of men, but not women.

Alcohol consumption prevents memory loss at an older age
Researchers from the universities of Texas, Kentucky and Maryland concluded that moderate drinking helps to stop dementia.

Revolutionary breakthrough stem cell research: injections to replace liver transplants
Dutch researchers found a way to cure diseased livers with cultured stem cells. This method can soon make liver transplants a thing from the past.

Alcohol combined with weed increases THC levels in blood
Americans scientists discovered that alcohol intake makes your body take up more THC, the main psychoactive constituent in marijuana.

Why men should drink beer to improve their sex lives
Sexologist and marriage therapist Dr. Kat van Kirk gives 4 reasons why beer improves the performances of men in bed.

An Australian study shows that mothers who enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage while breastfeeding are not harming their infants. It’s actually good for the kids.

Study says alcohol beats exercise as a method to live into your 90s
An American study proved that moderate drinkers have 18% more chance of getting 90+ years old. Drinking even beats regular exercise and coffee.

Study proves you can drink away your problems
Researchers in America found out that alcohol has a funny effect on the brain that lets the good memories prevail above the bad ones.


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  1. LOTD fans, listen up ! I’ve done a massive survey of the science of alcohol and health; it’s all contained in my page-turner of a book called “The Good News About Booze”. Amazon will sell it to you for price of an average bottle of wine.
    Your very good health ! Cheers, Tony Edwards


    • Well this test is easy to pass. As long as you fill in the negative answers you can ace it. Don’t really agree with it. Must have been made by a teetotaler.



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