Why men should drink beer to improve their sex life and help their marriage

Beer and sex are a perfect combination according to sexuologist Dr. Kat van Kirk.

Beer and sex are a perfect combination according to sexologist Dr. Kat van Kirk.

Catchy header ey? Must have been made up by a man who was searching for a new way to excuse his alcohol intake to his wife, right?  Wrong! This is one of the main conclusions from Dr. Kat van Kirk’s new book The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life. In her writing, this female (!) sexologist and marriage therapist gives four reasons why married men should drink beer to boost their sex life, and with that maintain a healthy relationship with their wives. Let’s have a look at them.

Beer makes men last longer
Beer contains a compound that has been scientifically proven to make men last longer in bed. Here’s how it works: It’s all about the plant compounds found in beer called phytoestrogens, also known as dietary estrogens. They overload the body and with that they can delay an orgasm.

Darker beers for easier and more erections
Of course any beer is good, but darker beers can help a man get easier and more erections better than light beers, because they contain more iron. Since iron increases the number of red blood cells and overall circulation to the penis, men who drink dark beers will be in the mood for sex more often. Unsatisfied women, you now know what to buy!

Dr. Kat van Kirk.

Dr. Kat van Kirk.

Beer is great for the heart and stamina
At this point Dr. Van Kirk based her theory on an Italian study at Fondazione di Ricera e Cura from 2011 that . The study concluded that daily beer drinkers have more stamina than non-drinkers, plus a pint a day is extremely good for the heart. A single beer a day reduces the risk of a heart disease, heart attack or stroke by a stunning 31%. And since a healthy heart and a good stamina are vital for an exciting sex life, you better grab yourself that beer.

No upset stomach during sex
Nothing can kill the mood during sex like a big old fart. Or when you lose all focus when you’re desperately trying to hold them inside. Once again the answer is dark beer, since it contains probiotics and B vitamins, which adds to a healthy digestive system. Van Kirk: “This means it can help fortify your overall health and be better on your stomach so you won’t feel sluggish during sex.”

So there you have it. Guys, next time your wife gives you crap like “Another beer, really?”, just tell her it’s all for her pleasure and you are just very dedicated to work on your relationship. The doctor has spoken, cheers!

Micky Bumbar

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10 thoughts on “Why men should drink beer to improve their sex life and help their marriage

    • Hahaha not exactly rocket science but I’m glad an expert finally said it! 😉

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  1. I knew about the iron and dark beer, I think magnesium has a similar effect,,,Oysters.. are loaded w/ both right? nothing good about a belch whilst goin down on a babe, which (for me any ways) dark beer seems to bring that on more than a pilsner. Totally a believer in beer making for better sex, for countless reasons, As the Mick says…it aint rocket science..especially now that I’m older, I must look better to those willing as they deff look better to me after a few. Which is not truly the issue anymore, but it helps. Nothing like a beer buzz to make one horny. Or make one feel more manly, kinda like it makes one think one can dance better. Never had the fart effect, that would be a downer. But have deff burped/belched while changing positions goin down town on babelicious avenue. Is what it is right? hopefully the music is turned up loud enuff to avoid these emabarrassing situations.

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  2. Mixed accordingly, Milk does a body good yes? or cream, I like to melt a scoop of Breyers Vanilla ice cream for it, Kaluha is kinda chocolately , we all know that’s chocolate works, then bookoo Vodka. I mix it by the 5th (back when I drank White Russians) 5th of Vodka, 1/2 5th Kaluha, pint of melted Breyer Vanilla Ice Cream, some milk or 1/2&1/2 cream, its a mix, do the math…= legs Spread. Not to be sexist but a Stripper introduced me to this drink. She drank them before she got on stage, Luckily several nights she came home w/ me. She was very flexible. I had a friend that made her own Kaluha type drink out of Vanilla beans that she bought then dried out, it was even better. Some Hershey Chocolate syrup, some Cherries, a Bannanna…its go time. I was Hooked on White Russians for a Winter time drink for a couple years. For the Fall season, Evans & Egg Knogg, make your own Eggs (theres a many a Knogg recipe) mine w/ a 1/2 a dozen eggs, Vanilla, Bookoo Evan Williams, Lots of Protein. A man can live on Properly made Whiskey & Knogg/Bread & Sex for a week. HaHa. But for real, make it by the Gallon. Very healthy liquid diet w/ good sex…No belching or Farting either. So yeah, theres a great whiskey aspect that can be applied.


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