Your hosts Micky Bumbar (left) and Nikolay Nikolov.

Your hosts Micky Bumbar (left) and Nikolay Nikolov.

The Lords of the Drinks love to interact with you, the readers. We are always open to new ideas, tips or feedback. Therefor we hope you will follow us on social media like Twitter and Facebook. We also have an e-mail adress where you can drop any remarks or suggestions. This is also the best way to contact us if you want to be a guest writer for LOTD. We never say no to interesting guest posts.

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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. As a genuine, beer-swilling Aussie drongo, I really enjoyed your 10 worst beers list. Wankers over here like to order Heineken or Stella because, coming from overseas, they are expensive and must taste better: they’re ordinary and revolting, respectively. I’m quite happy to apologise for Foster’s Export and must report that it REALLY IS for EXPORT ONLY. It’s a big country but, last time I checked, nobody here has either heard of it or admits to drinking it. At 4%, you need to drink such a volume that would need dialysis to remove. I also happen to be a proud expert of American bottom shelf beers and, while I concur with your list, I find it really insulting when I show up with a case of Natty Boh and the Mrs says ‘Oh, I’m so sorry: Wayne’s a Pabst man!’, as is they’re immutably proud of this situation. Happy drinking, cobber – I’m off to chew dags and suck woollabrawonga*. Cheers!
    [The sheep dip.]

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  2. Hey Micky;

    I will start by saying that i love the hard work you guys put on this website; its fun, informative yet most of all and personally it makes me feel less different. Although i would highly appreciate it if you could make a small addition to the website and make like a daily\social chatting window in which ppl could share their crazy drinking nights and probably learn new stuff or just have few laughs.

    Yours truly;

    Joe the Drunk !

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    • Hi Joe,
      I’m happy you like what we do here. We could explore the option of an own chatbox or something. Let me see if this is possible, as we are mostly bound to what WordPress is offering us.


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