Joke: a bet in the bar

This photo has very little to do with this joke but we just like it. She seems like quite a gifted bartender.

This photo has very little to do with this joke but we just like it. She seems like quite a gifted bartender.

Time for a little drunk humor then to start the weekend with a smile. Are you the type that makes ridiculous bets in bars as soon as the alcohol kicks in? In that case this joke  might sound familiar or inspire you to make a quick buck in a fun way. Enjoy!

A man sat down at the bar, ordered a beer and then said to the bartender: “I bet you 250 euros that I can stand on my bar seat and piss straight in that cup you’ve got back there without missing a single drop.”
The bartender estimates the distance at 2 meter, realizes his bar seats are quite wobbly and then thinks about how difficult it has been lately to keep his bar profitable. “You’re  on”, he says. “I’ll see your 250.”
So the man gets on his bar seat, undoes his pants and starts pissing all over the bar. He hits the glasses, the bottles, the sink, the bartender… Really everything but the cup.
The bartender smiles relieved and says: “Alright mate, I’ll take those 250  euros now.”
The man walks  over to a table in the corner with a shitload of empty glasses on it and three men sitting behind it. All of them shake his hand and when he comes back to the bar he  hands the bartender his money with a big smile.
The man behind the bar asks: “Dude, what are you so happy about? You just lost a  bet and a large amount of money.”
The man replies: “I’m laughing because I bet those guys in the corner a thousand euros I could piss all over you and your bar and you would still be laughing after I was done.”

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    • Well, when it comes to drunken golf, we are quite the fans. What’s your handicap? And with handicap I mean your average BAC while playing? 🙂


    • Oh absolutely… Had little to do with the joke but we didn’t want to keep this beauty from our audience! 😉



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