Joke: the genie and the tiny pianist

Would you wish for a small piano if you had a genie in a magic lamp?

Would you wish for a small piano if you had a genie in a magic lamp?

From time to time we like to lighten the mood with a joke. And it’s about that time again. Here’s a classic ‘Man walks into  a bar-joke’. Hope you like it and remember you can always check more funny drinking jokes in our collection. Cheers!

A man walks into a bar, carrying a large wooden box.
The bartender is quite curious and asks the man what’s inside.
“I’ll show you if you get me a beer”, the man says.
The bartender accepts the deal and gets the guest a beer. He then opens the box and takes out a man of 30 centimeters high and a small piano. The tiny guy directly starts playing the piano.
The bartender is amazed and shouts out: “That’s awesome dude. Where did you get that?”
The man replies: “I will tell you if you get me another beer.”
Of course the bartender gets him a beer right away. As the man is sipping from it he explains: “I got it from a genie in a magic lamp.”
The bartender gets really enthousiastic and says: “You have a genie in a lamp? If you let me use it just once, I’ll get you another beer.”
The guy is still pretty thirsty and  accepts this offer. As he is drinking his third beer he hands over the lamp. The bartender rubs it and a genie pops out,who says: “Master, I can grant you one wish. What will that be?”
The bartender shouts out: “I want a million bucks!”
A few seconds later the bar is full of ducks, shitting all over the place.
“What the hell is this?”, screams the bartender. “I wished for a million bucks, not a million ducks.”
His costumer says with a sad face: “Yeah, that genie has quite the hearing problem. Or did you really think I wished for a 30 centimeter long pianist?!”

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