Top 10 Cocktails of Seduction, the Ultimate Aphrodisiac Drinks

Not our number one cocktail of seduction, but this chocolate delight called Cupid's Kiss scored pretty high.

Not our number one cocktail of seduction, but this chocolate delight called Cupid’s Kiss scored pretty high.

Summer has really started and that means the hunting season is now officially opened. Many of you will go on holiday with one thing in mind: picking up as many random strangers as possible before returning to your boring old life back home. But what when you have your target in sight? Sure, you want to send a drink over but this club is quite expensive. It’s best to seal the deal as quickly as possible. Well, that’s why we selected 10 perfect cocktails to seduce someone in a bar. A few weeks ago we asked for your tips and we are happy to say you didn’t let us down. An independent jury of “Ladies of the Drinks” had the tough job to try out your ideas, as well as some suggestions of your writers. It was a dirty job but somebody had to do it. Anyway, when the smoke settled they came up with the following top 10 cocktails of seduction.

In our list we also wanted to have some diversity. Which means a lot of different ingredients, both spirits and aphrodisiacs, were used. So if your drink is not in here it doesn’t mean our ladies didn’t enjoy them during their weeks of hard work. However if you believe the ultimate drink of seduction is still missing in our list don’t hesitate to add your recipe in the comment box. Have a great hunting season summer. Cheers!

1. Sparkling Ginger Daisy
This cocktail not only looks sexy, it also contains aphrodisiacs like ginger and cherry. The bubbles of the prosecco give your ‘target’ that special feeling and the gin is to seal the deal.
1 part gin
1 part ginger liqueur
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 dash of grenadine
1 cherry
Preparation: Shake the gin, ginger liqueur, lemon juice and grenadine and pour this mix in a champagne glass. Now fill up the glass with prosecco and add the cherry.

2. Secret Crush
This cocktail is missing all traditional aphrodisiacs, except for alcohol. However you can’t go wrong when a drink is sparkling and pimped with luster dust. Really one for the eye this one. Although it’s delicious too.
5 parts of cava brut rose
3/4 part campari
1 cube of brown sugar
5 dashes Angostura bitters
1 lemon twist
Pinch of luster dust
Preparation: Pour half of the cava in a champagne flute. Now put the sugar cube on a bar spoon and saturate it with the bitters. Carefully place the saturated cube into the glass and let it rest for a little while. Then pour in the rest of the cava. Add the campari, then the luster dust and decorate with the lemon twist.

3. Cupid’s Kiss
How can a cocktail with this name not lead to success right?! The first girl that doesn’t like chocolate, the main ingredient of this drink, probably still hasn’t been born. Chocolate is also a major aphrodisiac – just like cherries – and in combination with alcohol you have a dangerous weapon on your hands.
1,5 parts wild cherry infused vodka
1,5 part coconut flavored vodka
1,5 part dark chocolate liqueur
1 splash of chocolate syrup
cocoa powder
Preparation: Put the vodka’s, chocolate and chocolate syrup in an iced shaker and shake it vigorously. Pour in a chocolate rimmed cocktail glass and add cocoa to the rim to finish this drink off.

4. Los Amigos Margarita
Now this is quite an unusual one. But with honey and cinnamon the Los Amigos Margarita cocktail contains 2 major aphrodisiacs. And think about how many ‘mistakes’ were made because of tequila, you could be one of those mistakes!
2 parts golden tequila
2 parts honey liqueur
1 part orange juice
Cinnamon powder
1 cinnamon stick
1 slice of orange
Preparation: Put the tequila, liqueur and orange juice in a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake it well to get it nice and cold, then pour it in a cocktail glass rimmed with cinnamon powder. Now garnish with the cinnamon stick and orange slice.

5. Saratoga
The Saratoga Cocktail comes in many different shapes and forms. However we took a recipe with seductive ingredients like champagne and strawberry. Beware, your barkeeper may have a different recipe.
1 part cognac
1 splash pineapple juice
1 dash maraschino liqueur
1 dash orange bitters
1 strawberry
Preparation: Shake the cognac, pineapple juice, maraschino and bitters. Then pour this mix in a champagne glass and fill it up further with champagne. Add the strawberry for garnish.

6. Mayday Martini
Very easy to make, so you can do it yourself back at the hotel or holiday bungalow. Everyone loves a barkeeper right?! The cinnamon and strawberry are the main aphrodisiacs, allthough the solid amount of vodka also helps of course.
1 part vodka
1/2 parts lemon juice
1/2 parts cinnamon syrup
1 strawberry
Preparation: Fill up a shaker with ice cubes. Add the vodka, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup. Shake and pour in a chilled cocktail glass. Add strawberry as garnish.

7. Cadillac Margarita
If there is one cocktail that has lead to one-night stands it must be the Margarita. Well this is the Cadillac Margarita, as our WordPress buddy the Boozeguru makes it. It’s slightly sweeter and therefor maybe even more effective. Only one way to find out right?
1 part Rose’s sweetened lime juice
1 part grand marnier
1,5 part silver/blanco tequila
1 slice of lime
Preparation: Fill up a shaker with ice cubes and add the tequila, grand marnier and lime juice. Shake until your hands start to hurt from the cold and then for 10 seconds more. Serve in a cocktail glass rimmed with salt and garnish with the lime.

8. Power of Will
The Dutch expression for when somebody is really turned on is botergeil, or ‘butter horny’. We can’t prove it but this expression might have it’s origin in this cocktail. Although butter isn’t known as an aphrodisiac, honey and strawberry most certainly are. And so are vodka and rum of course.
1 part vodka
1 part rum
1 part butter
1 strawberry
honey (to taste)
Preparation: Melt the butter and mix it with the honey. Pour this into a cocktail glass. Put in the strawberry and add an equal amount of rum and vodka.

9. Oyster Shooter
When you say aphrodisiac one of the first things that comes to mind are oysters. And actually there are some drinks that contain them. Although we wouldn’t advise you to send a drink with a floating shellfish to a stranger, after the first few drinks this is quite an original cocktail to order. If the oyster doesn’t seal the deal, maybe the tabasco will since peppers are also considered an aphrodisiac.
1 small oyster
1 part ice cold vodka
dash of tabasco
1 part fresh lemon juice
Preparation: Mix the vodka, tabasco and lemon juice in a shaker filled with ice cubes. Take the oyster out of the shell and put it into a cocktail glass. Gently fill up the glass with the mix from the shaker.

10. Penicillin
Whoever thought whiskey isn’t a drink for ladies should give the Penicillin cocktail a try. With aphrodisiacs like honey and ginger you might even get lucky. And if not, at least you probably taught one woman to appreciate a fine Scotch.
2 parts Scotch whisky
1/4 part single malt Scotch
3/4 part fresh lemon juice
3/4 part honey-ginger syrup
candied ginger (to taste)
Preparation: Fill up a shaker with ice cubes and add all the ingredients. Serve in a whisky glass.

Micky Bumbar


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    • Well… To be honest I’m not really the kind of guy myself that tries to win a girl by giving her drinks. I’m more the kind that gets drunk and wild and see where the night takes me. Turns out that Cyndi Lauper was right when she said “Girls just wanna have fun”. 😉


      • So the trick is to lose your inhibitions rather than causing the girl to lose her. You just take advantage of the situation. Do you stay sober enough to know what you’re taking home? 😀


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    • Well mate, this drink you want to make with this plant, will it contain any alcohol? Otherwise I don’t really see this being relevant for our site.


  7. I don’t know about US but it seems to me that, here in Australia some of the ingredients woulld be extremely hard to get. Those types of drinks should be made from contents of my fridge or a cupboard or even (beside alcohol of course) be available in a local supermarket, not that I have to run around the town and bend backwards to find them. But thanks for sharing perhaps when I find a dash of the maraschino liqueur or a dash of grenadine, prosecco or even a cherry infused vodka here down under I will start serving them in my bistro.

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    • Well yeah, some indeed have ingredients that are hard to find. Then again, if you have your own business it might be cool to start serving them. It could make you stand out.


      • I consider serving new drinks every time I come across a guide (recipe) like this. However, we live in WA, which is behind the rest of Australia. The laws are more unreasonable, as they haven’t change since 1923. It is also very hard to get good ingredients, every little thing I would have to import from UK or other states. Since I cannot sell a certain product for more than I would like to and not a quantity I really would like to, and regulation of Responsible Drinking and Selling of Alcohol plus a Liquor Act 1992 are making sure I am not doing that, it is pointless. Basically low is telling you how much alcoholic products you can sell per week to a person.

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