The drunk man’s alphabet

Drinking terms from A to Z.

Drinking terms from A to Z.

A true drinker is constantly remembered of alcohol. Don’t blame us for that, it’s society’s fault. Reminders of booze are simply everywhere. Don’t believe it? Can you say without blinking that an oak tree doesn’t make you thirsty? No? Oak, cork, wine, let’s drink! Or what about a documentary on animals in African savanna traveling miles in search of a place to drink? Your driver who says he need to ‘tank gas’? See, it’s everywhere. The same goes for every letter in the alphabet. That’s why we decided to write the drunk man’s alphabet down. In a little rhyme, like we used to learn as kids. It goes a bit far to call this poetry, but we put it in that category anyway. Ah who cares, hope you’ll enjoy it. Cheers.

A is for alcohol, in the glass that I hold
B stands for beer, all foamy and gold
C is for cocktails half way the night
D is for drunk, when we’re feeling alright
E is for ethanol, that can turn your face red
F stands for firewater like the Indians said
G is for gin, the clearest delight
H for hungover, we’ll be after tonight
I is intoxicated, when you’re starting to feel
The J of jenever, no longer sure what is real
K is for Korsakoff, knock on wood for the jinx
L stands of course for the Lords of the Drinks
M is for mystery, what happened last night
Not sure I remember, did I get in a fight?
O stands for “Oh yeah, I think I recall.”
P is for pub, where we drink till we crawl
Q is for quizzes they have in the bar
R for rakia, strong to fuel up car
S is for shots, let’s have us some rounds
T stands for tumbling, as you’re meeting the ground
U is unstoppable, you think you’re the shit
That was a mistake, cause V stands for vomit
W stands for whisky and sometimes for wine
X for X-factor, those drinks are divine
Y means you’ll never be drinking alone
Z is for zzzzz if you ever get home.

Micky Bumbar


9 thoughts on “The drunk man’s alphabet

  1. Fantastic. Love this site. Thanks for checking my out, too. It’s how I got here. And like my favorite bar, I’ll definitely be back..Cheers.


  2. WOWEEEE….oooh, ur GOOD! I am impressed! could not beat this. Love the ability to rhyme it even. Nice work! 🙂

    truly enjoyed this. thanks! i might take a try something like this…maybe….

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  3. p.s . nope, oak trees dont conjure up thirst. maybe a feeling of relief …shade, coolness…relaxation….nope, no booze required to relax…the tree will do . 🙂

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