Drunk drivers end up having sex in a cop car

An American couple can cross one more vehicle off their sex bucketlist.

An American couple can cross one more vehicle off their sex bucketlist.

Normally we are very much against drunk driving and everyone who does it. But a couple in Oconto County (USA) managed to flip the situation in their advantage completely. After being arrested for drunken driving in August they started having sex with each other in the backseat of a cop car as an officer was driving them to the police station. After yesterday’s court case Travis Husnik (33) and Heather Basten (29) both face serious time in jail but at least they have a great story to tell for the rest of their lives.

The real asshole in this story is obviously the deputy that didn’t even let the couple finish their act of love. He stopped the car, told Husnik to pull up his pants and sat him in the front seat. Both Husnik and Basten were charged with ‘lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct’.

During the trial County Circuit Court Judge Jay Conley asked: “What do I sentence a guy who has sex in squad car to? I’m getting to be pretty old guy and I’ve never seen that situation in my legal life. It’s not like you have a lot of law school courses or training on what do you sentence a guy who has sex in a squad car to.”

Assistant District Attorney Robert Mraz then tried to come off as anything but a pervert by saying: “This is kind of … it’s a little disgusting to have another person watching (others) engage in sexual relations the way the defendant and his female companion did.”

And judge Conley seemed to agree with him: “At a minimum, the mildest word that I can think of, the most favorable word I can think of, is your conduct is completely disrespectful to the officer, The process of being arrested is supposed to be somewhat unpleasant … and you end up having a tryst. Incredible.”

After that Conley sentenced Basten to 48 days in jail and and a total fine (court costs and DNA surcharge) of 443 dollar for the sex incident, as well as an additional fine of 793 dollar for driving under the influence of alcohol. Husnik, who had an impressive criminal record, got the maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and the same fine of 443 dollar. A bit of an uptight reaction to two people consuming their love, we would say. Didn’t this judge know that alcohol is a major aphrodisiac? And for 48 and 90 days in jail he could at least let them finish in court.

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14 thoughts on “Drunk drivers end up having sex in a cop car

  1. eewwee…i feel for that cop if he had let them finish…having to clean up after those slimy drunks..disgusting! Taxpayers dont owe free whoopee space to drunks! 🙂

    in other cases, known to be true and close to..ahem…personal family news, a cop was let go for using his patrol car for trysts, …among other crimes not to be reported here. 🙂

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    • Ahhhh the guy is a total hater. They’re already screwed (bad choice of words maybe) for drunk driving. Let the kids have some fun. And 90 days in jail, seriously???


      • well, at least the cop wasnt a voyeur…which one would think most men ARE! i have to commend him for his good sense to spare the tax payers a dirty car ..for which he otherwise wouldve lost his job…and he can keep providing for his family.

        those kids can get their jollies in jail…hahaha..i kinda like that poetic alliteration…jollies in jail..cute! 🙂

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      • Well if the tax payers are good they never end up in the back of that car, so I don’t really see the problem. The next rapist or murderer that will get arrested in that car deserves a dirty back seat! 😉

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      • errr, Micky, not to get graphic or anything seedy…ahem..no pun intended..lol…but the cops that run the car would have to work with those work conditions. yeegads…give em a break..there are a few good cops left…i think……….

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      • Welcome to reality…assholes predominate all over the world…cops and citizens alike. DAT, my boy, is why i am a recluse!! 🙂

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