Drunk guy mistakes policewoman for stripper

It's easy to make an honest mistake when a female officer walks into a bar.

It’s easy to make an honest mistake when a female officer walks into a bar.

The 27-year old Paul Harbord from England was given a fine of 100 pounds and six months conditional discharge in court for “obstructing a police officer”. This sentence was given for an incident in December. Harbord was having a hardcore drinking session with his mates in a pub in Old Shotton (County Durham) and expected ‘female entertainment’. When a real policewoman walked in to investigate “rowdy behaviour” Harbord made a classic mistake.

When the female officer walked in the bar, Harbord yelled out “Look, here’s one of the strippers”. He started dancing around her, while flicking her with a towel from the bar. He was arrested for obstructing an officer, but didn’t believe she was a real cop until they arrived at the police station.

In court Harbord,  who said he was quite ashamed, was fined with 85 pounds for the offense and an additional 15 for the victim. Still 100 pounds (about 120 euro’s) isn’t that much for an awesome story for life. We are glad our hero of the day didn’t get punished to hard for an honest mistake.

Micky Bumbar

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  1. Something similar happened to me when I was in the police. I have no idea why; UK police uniforms are the least attractive outfits ever. Unless you’re really into kevlar, I suppose…


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