Drunk policeman in training arrested in Russia

The St. Petersburg police force arrested a colleague to be Monday night.

The St. Petersburg police force arrested a colleague to be Monday night.

In Russia a trainee of the St. Petersburg Police Department was arrested on Monday night for drunk driving. His ‘colleagues’ were called to the spot by a scared woman who he was stalking. The 55-year old Thomas Toft did 2 tests that showed a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.153 and 0.61. He is ‘punished’ with a paid leave pending an internal affairs investigation.

Toft was trained for a job in the communication department of the St. Petersburg police force, but he obviously felt that he could do more. At a shopping centre he ordered a woman to get her car out of the emergency lane, as he identified himself as a real cop. As the woman started circling the parking lot, he followed her till the point that she go so scared (‘he wasn’t wearing a uniform’) that she called the police on him. When the real cops arrived they just spotted Toft parking his car without his headlights on.

 The patrol officers suspected there was alcohol at play and the breathalyzer tests showed they were right. Toft scored a 0.153 and shortly after even a 0.161. Both scores were way higher than the legal limit for drinking and driving in Russia, which is 0.03. Toft was charged for drunk driving and impersonating a police officer.

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