Does the new EU chief start his day with booze?

a cartoon of a smoking and drinking Jean-Claude Juncker from The Independent.

A cartoon of a smoking and drinking Jean-Claude Juncker as published in The Independent.

The newly appointed president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker “has cognac for breakfast”, claim sources among European Union officials, quoted by The Independent. The Luxembourger, 59, recently became famous not only for his high position, but also for his alleged heavy drinking and smoking.

The habits of Mr Juncker disturb senior EU diplomats. Some claim to have seen him drinking during meetings of the finance ministers of the Union or getting smashed at official lunches and dinners. Nevertheless, the new president of EU’s executive body retain his sound judgement even while drinking, according to Union officials quoted by Financial Times.

Mr Juncker denies all allegations that he is a fan of alcohol. A weird thing to do, having in mind that former UK prime minister Winston Churchill, who dreamed of united Europe like Mr Juncker, loved booze and openly showed it. Indeed, many historical personalities have proven that great amounts of alcohol make great visionaries.

It is worth mentioning that most of the information about Mr Juncker’s passion for booze comes from UK media – the country of Prime Minister David Cameron, who opposed the appointment of the Luxembourger. Whatever the truth is, we won’t mind Europe being directed to a more drunken future.

Nikolay Nikolov


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  1. Lol. The UK Press where it popular is popular to get steamed at the local pup is suddenly getting puritanical? Well, I will drink to even that! Landlord fill the boat until it doth run-over! ^^~~~~


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