6 Politicians who Loved to Get Hammered

Former Russian president Boris Yeltsin shows his drunken dance moves on stage.

Many drunkards have left a mark on human history. Through art, science, music or military and political achievements. Some of them already got their own story on Lords of the Drinks and can be found in our section of famous drunks in history. Now it’s time to rank them. We came up with 6 subcategories; painters, musicians, politicians, dictators, writers and sportsmen. In this episode we give you the 6 drunkest politicians.

6. Benjamin Franklin (USA, 1706-1790)
This ‘founding father’ of the United States of America was known not only for his many talents, but also for his love for booze. One of Franklin’s most famous quotes is “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria”. A statement that was very true at the time, since unboiled water was unsafe to drink. A great excuse for Franklin to constantly drink beer, wine and apple cider.

5. Jean-Claude Juncker (Lux, 1954)
The current president of the European Commission seems like a politician from a different era. A few years ago the newspaper The Independent revealed some of Juncker’s drinking habbits before and during his work. Apparently he likes to start the day with cognac and takes full advantage of the open bar during official dinners and meetings.

4. Winston Churchill (GB, 1874-1965)
This British former prime-minister believed that people looked up to men who could handle their drinking. Therefor he always made sure he had a drink in his hand when someone wanted to take his picture. When asked about his heavy drinking Churchill replied: “I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me”.

3. Václav Havel (Cz, 1936-2011)
Coming from the region of Bohemia this former Czech president was also a bohemian in the sense that he loved to live life to the fullest. Political opponents called him an uncontrolable drunkard, friends just called him a happy drinker. Even as president he often secretly escaped from his castle in Prague to grab some beers in local pubs.

2. Ulysses S. Grant (USA, 1822-1885)
The 18th president of the United States was probably the biggest drunkard that ever lived in the White House. As an officer in the army he picked up heavy drinking as a hobby and the rumours he caused may have slowed down his military career. Nevertheless in the end he became the most powerful man in America.

1. Boris Yeltsin (Rus, 1931-2007)
The first president of Russia was a notorious drunkard in a time that world leaders weren’t supposed to show just how intoxicated they were in public. But for sure his reputation of the loveable drunk uncle with Christmas helped to break the tension between East and West after the Cold War. According to former American president Bill Clinton Yeltsin was once found drunk outside the White House in his underpants trying to catch a cab.

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    • Yeah that’s why he’s number 1. I really like the story how he started using the bald head of the Kyrgyz president as drums once when he was drunk. 😀

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  1. Ben was an effing hypocrite and racist. an excerpt from an essay by a researcher:

    Werner indicates that Franklin “characterized all Native Americans as drunken ‘savages that delight in war and take pride in murder,’ who should be pursued with ‘large, strong, and fierce dogs.’ He described German immigrants as ‘Boors’ who would ‘swarm into our Settlements’ and make Pennsylvania a ‘colony of Aliens.'”

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    • Oh wow… I didn’t know about that. Well people were all a lot less tolerant back in those days.



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