What Popular Cities for Expats have the Best Beer Prices?

The price of a pint of beer can be quite different depending on the city you’re in.

Working abroad as an expat seems to get more popular every year. The demand for specific skills makes large cities around the world lure foreigners with good salaries and other benefits people won’t receive in their own country. And of course for the adventurers there’s the romantic picture of working and living in a new and exciting culture. But how do you choose the right place to  become an expat? Luckily Deutsche Bank has been mapping how much things cost in 50 major cities around the world. Their latest report: the price of a pint of beer in a neighbourhood pub in the expat area of the city. As it turns out Manila and Prague are excellent destinations for beer loving expats, where Dubai and Oslo are just dreadful places.

The full list (price per pint in American dollars):
Manila, Philippines 1,50
Prague, Czech Republic 1,60
Johannesburg, South Africa 2,20
Mexico City, Mexico 2,40
Cape Town, South Africa 2,60
Warsaw, Poland 2,60
Lisbon, Portugal 2,80
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3,20
Bangalore, India 3,20
New Delhi, India 3,40
Istanbul, Turkey 3,70
Sao Paolo, Brazil 3,70
Berlin, Germany 3,90
Mumbai, India 3,90
Brussels, Belgium 4,50
Frankfurt, Germany 4,60
Vienna, Austria 4,60
Moscow, Russia 4,70
Tokyo, Japan 5,00
Jakarta, Indonesia 5,00
Athens, Greece 5,10
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5,40
Vancouver, Canada 5,50
Wellington, New Zealand 5,70
Toronto, Canada 5,70
Madrid, Spain 5,70
Chicago, United States 5,90
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 6,00
Sydney, Australia 6,10
Amsterdam, Netherlands 6,10
Milan, Italy 6,50
Boston, United States 6,70
Copenhagen, Denmark 6,70
Melbourne, Australia 6,80
Shanghai, China 7,00
Auckland, New Zealand 7,10
Helsinki, Finland 7,10
Dublin, Ireland 7,10
London, United Kingdom 7,20
Stockholm, Sweden 7,30
Paris, France 7,30
San Francisco, United States 7,40
New York City, United States 7,70
Zurich, Switzerland 7,70
Singapore, Singapore 8,30
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 8,90
Oslo, Norway 10,30
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 12,00

Micky Bumbar

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2 thoughts on “What Popular Cities for Expats have the Best Beer Prices?

  1. i don’t get the fascination with beer. dats a lot of fluid to consume when an ounce of vodka works just fine for me. my bladder would burst with one beer and then i’d pee all over the bar floor…haha!

    i had a friend who used to drink a six pack every night. my gosh, how does the body process that much liquid???

    p.s. i have to admit that i dilute the vodka with a few ounces of juice but it isn’t more than 3 or 4 ounces.

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    • Hahahaha a whole 6-pack? Frankly that’s what I use to brush my teeth in the morning. 😛
      Personally I don’t like to drink pilsner to get drunk, as it takes forever and indeed the toilet breaks every 2-5 minutes get annoying at some point.
      But when just chilling with colleagues after work on a terrace or in a bar, there’s almost nothing better than a large cool beer. Still it wouldn’t be the first time things escalate and one starts ordering vodka, whisky or tequila. But it always starts with that 1 beer. 😉

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