7 Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

Everyone who went to university can tell you that the most important things your learn there don’t come from books.

It’s an often heard phrase that your years as a student are the best of your life. These are usually also the times that people imbibe the largest amounts of alcohol. In nearly everyone’s university experience booze is the red wire. A popular way to consume all these drinks is through drinking games. We’ve collected some of the most popular drinking games among students. So if you are starting a study or you have a relative who is leaving for college any time soon, make sure they learn this list by heart. Remember that a good preparation is everything.

A game of beer pong in the backyard is just the activity one needs on a warm day.

Beer pong
Number of players:
2 or 4 per game, but beer pong is very suitable for large tournaments.
What you need: A large table, 20 cups, plenty of beer and a ping pong ball.
How to play:You fill the glasses with beer and place them on both sides of the table in the shape of pyramids. Now you take turns trying to throw the ball into the cups of the other player. If the ball lands in one of the glasses your opponent has to drink this glass of beer. The player who hits all 10 glasses of his opponent first wins the game.

Number of players: 2 or more
What you need: your drink of choice
How to play: You take turns counting, but instead of any number containing a 7 or being a multiple of 7 (like 14, 21, 28, etc.) you have to say the word “bitch”. If you say the wrong number, if you do mention one of the forbidden numbers and if you say “bitch” when you shouldn’t, you have to drink. It’s quite normal to lose track of where you are once you’ve counted over 100. At that point of the game usually everyone is just drinking, till someone suggests to start over again.

It’s quite easy to make your own battleshots game out of 2 empty pizza boxes.

Number of players:
What you need: 2 pizza boxes, a decent number of shot glasses and liquor.
How to play: From the 2 old pizza boxes you make your own game of battleships, but instead of boats you place shot glasses filled with liquor on the game board. Now you have to guess where the opponent placed his boat. Whenever you are hit, you have to take that shot.

Zap the black guy
Number of players: 2 or more
What you need: A TV with a working remote control and alcoholic drinks
How to play: You take turns with the remote control changing the channel. If there’s a black guy on TV the moment you changed it, you have to drink.

Waiting for your teammates to finish chugging their beers can be quite hard on the competative players at a beer relay.

Beer relay
Number of players: 10 or preferably a little more. 10 vs 10 is excellent.
What you need: a long table and plenty of beer.
How to play: Divide the group of people over 2 teams. Or if you have enough players it’s even more fun to create more teams, so the winner can stay in the game and constantly faces new challengers. Let’s say we play 10 against 10. All players have a full beer in front of them, as they are lined up on both sides of the table. The referee stands on one of the short ends of the table and is also holding a beer. The game starts with the ref downing a beer, after which he puts the empty glass on his head. This is the sign that the first players from both teams can start chugging their beers. As soon as they finished it, they also put their glasses on their heads, after which the relay continues with the second player and so on until player number 10. The team who finishes first wins and stays in the game.

Never have I ever…
Number of players: 2 is enough, but preferably you want more players. 5 or 6 is perfect.
What you need: Drinks, and lots of them.
How to play: Now this is the easiest way to combine getting hammered with sharing funny or dirty personal stories. Basically you take turns by sharing some information about yourself like “never have I ever had sex on the first date” or “never have I ever stole something from a store”. All those people in the company who did do this have to drink. So if you were a bit naughty in your life so far, you’ll probably end up pretty smashed.

Edward cider hands is all about making a commitment. Once the bottles are taped to your hands they have to be finished.

Edward Cider hands
Number of players: 2 or more.
What you need: 2 large cider of beer bottles per player and a roll of duct tape.
How to play: You tape the bottles to your hands and have the caps removed. You can’t take them off until you drank them completely.

Micky Bumbar


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7 thoughts on “7 Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

  1. I just played beer pong the other night!! And then we all remembered the next day why it’s for college students… People in their 30s and 40s should NOT play beer pong! 😉😉🍻🍻

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  2. Very cute, Micky! In my college days, we were drinking wine, not beer (I think if you’ve ever tasted Zhigulevskoe, you understand why!), and just kept refilling glasses and lighting cigarettes for whomever was on the piano or holding a guitar at the moment.



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