The drinking game Nick Polly

Nick Polly was honored with a drinking game named after him.

Nick Polly was honored with a drinking game named after him.

Time to introduce you to a drinking game that will totally screw you up. The game is called Nick Polly and was invented in the American University in Bulgaria by a group of students. Among them was a Russian guy nicknamed Nick Polly. We trust you’re intelligent enough to understand how the games was invented after explaining the rules. As easy as those are, the harder it is to stay sober. The only thing you basically need is a group of at least four people, a lot of hard liquor and to know how to yell Nick Polly. Let’s get started.

Now first of all Nick Polly isn’t a game that should be played at itself. It’s a great addition to another (drinking) game. For example next to a card game that requires thinking, concentration and actually your undivided attention. Now let’s say you are playing one of those and  somebody yells Nick Polly, the others need to repeat it as fast as possible since the last one needs to take a shot. Now you don’t have to yell it as long as it is not whispering. Use your normal speaking voice.

This is important since what you say should be clear to hear for the other players. And that’s where the second rule comes in. To make it more exciting you can try to trick the others by saying Nick Molly. In this case nobody should react. Whoever does, needs to drink two shots. But when all remain silent the one who yelled Nick Molly drinks a single shot. Besides Nick Molly with every bad pronunciation you need to drink a shot too. A common mistake is to say Nick Polly’s. The penalty: one shot.

If you really wanna spice things up you take different kinds of booze. But even without it the night will end in one drunken mess. Like most drinking games there is no real winner, cause with the right amount of alcohol everybody wins.

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