The Deter-Gin cocktail


Summertime is coming, and the thirst is getting bigger and bigger. A couple of beers is a perfect option, but the soft drink called Radler – a low-alcohol mixture of beer and lemonade – is flooding the market and substituting the real booze on many tables. Nick Polly tells you how to make this cute drink more interesting.

Since the alcohol content of Radler is only about 2%, it is totally not enough to perceive it as booze. However, adding gin to it makes it stronger without destroying the mild taste. Mr. Polly recommends the following proportion:

  • 1 liter (about 34 oz) Radler
  • 200 ml (about 7 oz) gin

Of course, you can adjust this 5:1 ratio according to your preferences. Why do we call this cocktail Deter-Gin? Because the weird mixture and the sweet aroma of Radler makes it taste like detergent. “The special beauty of that cocktail is that the gin should be sh*tty. It’s a Deter-Gin after all,” Nick Polly says.

He invented this mixture, while he was drinking gin and tonic and was looking for an alcoholic substitute of the bitter soft drink. The Radler seemed like the best option.

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Nikolay Nikolov


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