Nikolay as Lord of the Drinks?

The poster for the alcohol friendly award.

The poster for the alcohol friendly award.

Exciting times in the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad these days. These days the students of the American University choose the candidates for the . In this ceremony the biggest ‘Casanova’ and the biggest pain in the ass (Public Enemy) are rewarded for their behavior in the past year. But the award we are particularly interested in is the one for Alcohol Friendly, since our own Nikolay Nikolov is the favorite to take it home.

For a lot of people the More Honors Awards are probably an unknown phenomenon. Well, it’s kinda like the MTV Awards. At the end of each school year the students get to vote in 12 categories. Who gossiped the most? Who sucked up to professors the most? And of course who was the biggest drunk. To be nominated for an award maybe shouldn’t be flattering to some people, since it’s usually not for very gentleman- or ladylike behavior. However it’s not too serious and for most people it’s a sign of recognition.

It’s no surprise that among students the number one hobby is to get drunk. Nikolay  is a true artist in this matter. Last year he was already nominated for the Alcohol Friendly award, but lost the trophy to yours truly. Sure a disappointment for the founding father of Lords of the Drinks, but he didn’t give up. Nikolay got right back on the saddle and showed true dedication to the fine art of getting shitfaced. Therefore it only makes sense that he will be nominated this year too. Lords of the Drinks will follow his journey to glory. Or will the trophy once again be snatched by a dark horse?

Micky Bumbar

Nikolay and Micky with the alcohol friendly award after last years More Honors show.

Nikolay and Micky with the alcohol friendly award after last years More Honors show.

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    • Well yeah a man must always be ambitious in life!
      By the way Nikolay is probably nominated… Tomorrow we will know for sure when they announce the 5 remaining candidates for the trophy!



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