The Two and a Half Men Drinking Game

LOTD's Two and a Half Men Drinking Game will get you hammered.

LOTD’s Two and a Half Men Drinking Game will get you hammered.

There are only few tv-shows we love as much as Two and a Half Men. Well that’s before Ashton Kutcher came to replace a true hero. Obviously Charlie Harper is living the dream: living in a beach house, getting hot women all the time and hardly ever sober. This show just makes you wanna drink. And since we have nothing left but reruns, let’s participate in the action. This is the Two and a Half Men Drinking Game we came up with. All you need is plenty of beers, some pitchers of  bloody mary, a bottle of hard liquor, a tv and a few episodes of Two and a Half Men. Now this will hit you hard.

So, before you get started make sure everyone has a cold beer, a normal glass and a shotglass in front of him/her. The rules are slightly different for boys and girls, but that will just make the game more exciting. Please don’t bother us with your displeasure over the fact that the actions of women with ginger hair on the show are being rewarded with a red colored drink, cause we don’t care. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine, drunk but fine that is.

Drink beer when Charlie drinks: take a good sip of beer everytime Charlie is having a drink. That means holding one at opening scene, taking a sip or getting a refill.

Drink beer when Jake is eating: again a solid sip whenever the little man is having a meal or a snack.

Men drink when Charlie is getting some: Whenever he picks up a girl only the men drink a shot of hard liquor. We recommand tequila or vodka.

Women drink when Alan gets rejected: whenever a girl on the show turns Alan down only the women in your company take a shot.

Take a shot of liquor at each joke about Jake farting or shitting: Jake actually farting or shitting also counts. This shot is for all genders.

Men drink a bloody mary shot whenever Evelyn is refered to as evil: Comments about her bad parenting to being the devil all count. Only the men drink.

Women drink a shot of bloody mary whenever Evelyn speaks bad of her (grand)kids: Once again every sneer is worth a drink. Women only!

The Bertha Bonus: everyone drinks a full glass of bloody mary whenever Bertha first arrives to the scene in an episode.

The Zippy Bonus: everyone has a bloody mary shot whenever Bertha refers to Alan as zippy.

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      • He was the show! Ashton Kutcher is pretty to look at, but nothing actually beats the character that Charlie Sheen played. & nothing will. Anger Management is a pretty good show and I think Charlie had to move on from playing the same character in Two & a half Men, but nothing will be the same without him.


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