Bar joke: the forgetful bartender

Shots flow for free with the forgetful bartender around.

Shots flow for free with the forgetful bartender around.

We take our drinking very serious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh from time to time. It’s nice when you’re standing in the pub and you can share some boozy facts with your friends on how Georgia has got the oldest wine culture in the world or that dried bull penis is an old hangover cure in Sicily, but sometimes you just want to crack a joke. And since you’re drinking, that’d better be a drunk joke. That’s why we collected quite a large collection of boozy humor for you. This joke is called the forgetful bartender.

A man walks into a bar and orders a few beers. When he is getting ready to leave the bartender tells him to pay him 16 Euros. The customer realizes he is a little short on cash and tries the oldest trick in the book: “But I already paid you man. Don’t you remember?” The bartender looks at him and says: “Well, if you say so, it’s probably true.”
The man leaves the bar with a big smile on his face and runs into a friend. Of course he tells him the story about the free beers and this friend decides to give it a try as well. He gets to the same forgetful bartender and drinks till he’s pretty hammered. He too claims he already paid for the bill and the bartender says: “Well, if you say you did, I believe you.”
Word gets around fast and a little later a third man walks into the bar. He orders cocktail after cocktail with shots on the side, until he’s completely smashed. The bartender leans over to him and whispers: “You know what, already 2 guys were here earlier today and drank a lot of beers. Both of them didn’t pay me, while they both claimed they did. I’m telling you, the next one who tries a stunt like this, is gonna get intimate with the baseball bat I hold under the counter.”
The drunk at the bar looks up and says: “Look dude, I don’t bother you with my troubles, so please don’t annoy me with yours. Just give me my fucking change and I’m out of here.”


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