Piss drunk Australians foil a robbery

Australia,s new national hero James Ross-Munroe takes the keys out of the robbers' getaway car.

Australia’s new national hero James Ross-Munroe takes the keys out of the robbers’ getaway car.

A group of heavily intoxicated guys foiled an ungoing robbery of a restaurant in Australia this weekend. Leader of the pack James Ross-Munroe was walking topless and barefoot, as he bravely went into  the getaway car and grabbed the keys, before trying to take on the robbers, who made a run for it. And the best thing of all: the whole incident was filmed from start to finish.

The robbery took place Friday night in an Oporto restaurant in Gold Coast, Australia. Ross-Munroe and his buddies were shooting drunk movies on the other side of the street, when they realized what was going on. Perhaps it was because of their intoxicated state, but the men showed to be true heroes and came to the rescue. After Ross-Munroe ‘sabotaged’ the getaway and chased off the two robbers on foot, the police caught at least one of them. They confirmed a 23-year old man was detained.

Ross-Munroe and his ‘cameraman’ Kane Wiblen gave an interview at the Today Show after their heroic appearance and showed to have a great sense of humor as well. Definitely a must-see.


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