The drinking game ‘Pissheads’

Pick your drinks carefully cause the game pissheads can really screw you up.

The ingredients for the game Pissheads: booze, shotglasses and a deck of cards.

Here’s another drinking game that we came up with ourselves. The name is Pissheads and once you start playing you’ll understand why. Few other drinking games can get you this smashed. Plus we believe it’s not too hard for the drunk mind comprehend, yet it involves more thinking and strategy than to flip a coin or something. Please try it out with your friends and tell us how you like it. Let’s play Pissheads!

To play Pissheads all you need is a deck of cards, some players (4 or 5 is ideal but you can also  play with 2, 3 or 6 players) and of course alcohol. Pick a type of booze that you can handle a lot of, since you’ll have to take  plenty of shots during a single game. Even with a solid number of players it’s still  possible to receive quite a large amount of alcohol, so  maybe it’s best if you try it the first time with beer. Just to get the hang of the game.

You start with a complete deck of cards but without the jokers. Deal all 52 cards equally over the players and put aside what you have left. So in case you play with 3 players, you give everyone 17 cards and throw away 1. Keep the cards that are not in the game  closed. The game  itself is quite simple. The person left of the dealer starts and after that you continue clockwise.

In the game we have the numbers 2 to 10 and the other cards that we call pissheads. The numbers just stand for the number of shots that need to be drunk, but the pissheads have special functions that can influence the game. Before we discuss those you have to know that you should always meet the kind of cards (hearts, spades, etc.) that is asked for, but only if you can raise the number of shots. So you can put a 3 on a 2 but not the other way around. If you can’t put on a card, you have to drink the amount of shots that the last card called for. So if your neighbor threw on a 7 of diamonds and you have no higher diamonds or a pisshead that can get you off the hook, you take 7 shots. The one who had to drink, can start the next turn.

So far quite easy right?  But the pissheads have a huge influence on this game. Here are their functions:

Jacks: You can always throw it on (hearts on clover is no problem). After throwing it on you pick a person (can also be yourself) that has to drink the amount of shots that was last called for.

Queens: You can always throw it on. This is a welcome card for those who are suffering. You don’t have to  drink but you can start the new turn.

Kings: You can always throw it on. But when you do, you have to drink the number of shots last called for. Are you a weak drinker, throw it on a 2. Are you thirsty, snatch that 8 or 9 shots even though you have a 10 in your hand.

Aces: You can throw them only on their own kind. So  hearts on hearts only. All aces have their own special function:
Hearts: All players have to drink the amount of shots last called for.
Spades: The first person (can not be  the one  who played the ace) that throws on a number of spades, can pick another player that has to drink this amount of shots.
Clovers: Everyone has to drink shots, except for the one who threw on the ace.
Spades: Someone can throw away a card they want to get rid of without consequences. But only the one who throws first.

If you can throw on anything, you are obligated to do so. If you can’t, just pass and you are out of the game till the next turn starts. If a player is without cards, the person with most cards can start the next turn. If some people have the same amount of cards, just go clockwise to one of them.
Also an important additional  rule  is that you can not use the bathroom unless you just threw on a pisshead.

So that was all.  It may seem like a lot but it’s really not that hard once you figured out what all the aces do. So give it a try and smash yourself. Enjoy!

Micky Bumbar


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11 thoughts on “The drinking game ‘Pissheads’

    • Oh great! Let me know how it went if you can get people to join you. I’m having some friends over later today and will lose my Pissheads virginity then! Cheers!


      • Oh I haven’t told you yet how it went… This game is a real killer. We played with 3 people and with vodka and beer. I guess it’s safe to say that the game is better with more people (5 or something), because the (un)lucky ones with 3 are smashed pretty fast. Still quite a good game I must say.


      • Sounds pretty awesome! So, four of us gave it a try but we did keep getting the rules confused (because, obviously, we were quite drunk) but have decided that we just need a bit more practice! Cheers 🙂

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      • Hahaha when all are getting smashed, this means the main goal of the game was achieved. Good job!

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  1. dang, all this sounds like an excuse to just get snockered!

    on another topic…i have found that ppl seem to approve of me bringing back shot glasses as souvenirs from my travels. we are starting to grow quite a lovely collection.

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    • Well those are nice souvenirs. Cool to collect and they come in handy at parties too. Fridge magnets eat your metaphorical hearts out. 😀

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