Poetry: Booze by Danny Mell


It’s been a while since we last had some poetry on Lords of the Drinks. Following in the footsteps of Charles Baudelaire and Emily Dickinson, we give you Danny Mell. He sent us a lovely poem  called booze,cfor which we are very grateful. Let this be a reminder to all creative minds out there. We are always happy to welcome submissions by talented guest writers or poets. For now let’s enjoy Mell’s words.

Booze (Danny Mell)

It’s like we all grow up to be beer chugging habit seeking human missiles
Scratching our heads searching the rivers deep for what we welcomed long ago
Television, drugs, lofty excess
Coffee, tire swings and freedom
Watching plants grow, eating raw tomatoes
I’m drunk, i’m drunk, i’m drunk!
Left my leash at home, traveled alone yesterday
Time’s old guard
Ancient concepts driveling stupid
Metal cords signalling different frequencies
Aging and drifting apart to what is needed
Peaceful bliss
Fun superseded
Wearing black
Watering the aeons


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