What is your real country as a drinker?

It's always good to find company with the same drinking habbits.

It’s always good to find company with the same drinking habbits.

It’s been quite a while since we introduced the LOTD Test to check if you are an alcoholic. Since then we have seen many fun but stupid tests on social media that were alcohol related. We thought it was time to make one ourselves. Today we’ll test if you are born in the right country based on your drinking behaviour. We’ll ask 20 simple questions and in the end you will have an indication where in this world  you’d feel most at home. Enjoy.

Do you often have the feeling your drinking habbits do not belong in your native country? Are you getting outdrunk by other locals or are you getting weird looks from people who don’t understand why you have to be shitfaced all the time? We may give you an indication of where you would feel more at home. After you are done taking the test you can see where your score stands in the list below. Time to find  out where you really belong as a drinker; .

Check your score here:

0-1 points The Middle East
You don’t seem to care about booze at all. If you don’t mind a little sun either the Middle East should be perfect for you, since although Muslims are allowed to drink, they don’t seem to do so in this region. From futuristic Qatar, to romantic Iran of 1001 nights to wild Afghanistan with it’s endless possibilities for hiking and rock climbing.

2-4 East Asia
Sure, you’ll have a sip of alcohol once in a while but all to stay healthy of course. You will fit right in the Chinese or Japanese culture, where they have a long tradition of preserving their health in the best way possible.

5-7 Scandinavia
Once a place where the Vikings had wild parties with alcohol all around. Considering your score you’re probably pleased those barbaric days are over. In countries like Sweden and Norway alcohol is only sold in a few special stores and highly expensive.

8-10 United States or Canada
You like some drinks but definitely not too many. If you are currently living in Europe, you might want to start packing. If you are already on this side of the ocean, you are right where you want to be.

11-15 Mediterranean Europe
You probably love a few glasses with your food and maybe a few more in the evening but being drunk is not your thing. Don’t worry, countries like France. Italy and Greece will suit your perfectly.

16-20 Western Europe
The place for the occasional drunks. A well deserved beer after work during the week and a little more in the weekends. Countries like Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Germany would be glad to host you.

21-24 The U.K. and Ireland
Let’s be honest, you don’t mind a drink at all. Don’t worry,nobody is gonna hate you for it in the United Kingdom and Ireland. And if you can’t stand rain, there’s always Australia.

25-29 Central Europe
Drinking is obviously a hobby of yours and that’s great. You will  probably have no problems finding simular minds in Czech Republic, Hungary or Slowakia.

30-34 The Balkans
You only live once, so why waste days without drinking? No need to get smashed every day but it’s good to live a little. In countries like Albania, Bulgaria or Serbia people understand this philosophy.

35-37 Poland, Russia or Ukraine
Vodki vodki vodki sjalalala… Should we say more? Just bring your A-game when the locals welcome you.

38-40 Belarus or Moldova
Who, what, where? Yes, these former Soviet-states have dominated all the charts on alcohol consumption in the last few years. Just for the sceptics we’ll throw in South Korea as an alternative, the country with the popular saying ‘getting drunk is only half the job’.

41-43 Raise a new nation
There is simply no nation on Earth where the people can keep  up with you, time to raise your own. Call for revolution, populate Antartica or build a society on another planet.

Now of course there are some places where you can live and drink very well. We haven’t discussed Latin America, Africa or South East Asia at all, but for the fans of exotic places we have our dossier of hangover cures from around the world. There’s a describtion of the drinking climate in every country. Cheers!

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