All adventures now in the True Drunk Stories Collection

Cartoon (by Lurchy Voda) of Micky after Student's Day 2011.

Cartoon (by Lurchy Voda) of Micky after Student’s Day 2011.

Last time we had a poll you guys we saw a large demand for real life drunk stories. Since then we posted quite some and now it’s time that this category gets it’s own handy dossier too. We already had the Hangover Cures Dossier, the Jokes Dossier and the Science Dossier. And now we give you the True Drunk Stories Collection. All of these stories are a 100% true. Completely autobiographic, no fiction. These are the experiences of your main writers Nikolay and Micky, as well as some guest writers. We are actually open to new guest writers that want to share their true drunk stories.

So if you have a fun story – with a leading role for alcohol – to tell, what should you do? The best you can do is to join our True Drinking Stories Challenge, that we run through WordPress Blogging Events. Since we run a little competition who writes the best drunk story. The deadline is 15th of October. The day that LOTD will celebrate it’s first birthday. But if you want to mail () it or post it in a reply, that’s also fine. Oh right, the only thing that can be fiction is your name. If you don’t want your boss or family to find you on google, we totally understand. In that case just pick an ‘artist name’. We look forward to reading about your adventures. In the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy ours.

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