7 Swimming pools filled with liquor

Every mans dream: bathing in beer.

Every mans dream: bathing in beer.

Everybody once thought about it: swimming in a pool filled with their favorite thing in the world. No matter if it’s candy, chocolate or cold hard cash, we all fantasized about it at least once in our lives. Well for most of you it was probably some kind of booze. You know that moment when you are sipping your favorite drink and say: “I wish I won the lottery so I could have a swimming pool filled with this stuff”. Well, since we all need a goal in life we made some calculations and found out how much you need to live your dream.

Well first of all there are the costs for the pool itself. Acording to our research on internet this is about 24,500 euro. In this case we’re talking about a standard sized pool that is 8 by 4 meters wide and 1,5 meter deep. Well, 1,55 that is but since we don’t want any booze to be spilled we fill the pool up to 1,5 meters. The space we need to fill is therefor 48 cubic meters or 48.000 liters.

1. Beer
We found a beer cask of 50 liters Heineken for 82,60 euro’s. Since we need 960 of these casks the total amount wen spend on beer is 79.296 euro’s. Adding the costs for the pool the price of a swimming pool full of beer is about: 103.796 euro’s.

2. Red wine
Saying that a bottle (0,7 liters) of decent red wine costs about 5 euro’s and we need 68.572 of these bad boys we reach a total of 342.860 euro’s. Plus the costs of the pool we come to a total amount of 367.360 euro’s.

3. Jagermeister
Ever dreamed of a real ‘jager bomb’? A liter bottle is about 17 euro’s. Multipliead by 48.000 and adding the costs of the pool you can do this for only 840.500 euro’s.

4. Vodka
For this one we took the brand Smirnoff that is quite mainstream. A bottle of 1 liter costs 17,60 euro’s. Multiplied by 48.000 this gives us a price of 844.800 euro’s. Adding the costs for the pool we can conclude that a swimming pool full of Smirnoff costs 869.300 euro’s.

5. Whisky
Once again we took a popular brand: Jack Daniels. A bottle of 0,7 liters costs about 21 euro’s. And to fill the pool we need 68.572 bottles. Including the costs of the pool itself we reach a total of 1.464.512 euro’s.

6. Cognac
Now for the guys who made some real cash and want to celebrate this. A pool filled with expensive cognac; Hennessy XO, which is about 131 euro’s for a 0,7 liter bottle. Filling a pool with this stuff costs you ‘only’ 8.982.932 euro’s. Plus the costs of the pool you can save receipts worth 9.007.432 euro’s.

7. Champagne
But in the end there’s nothing like a good old fashioned bubble bath. Only in this case we use champagne for it. It’s up to you if you wanna soak in a cheap 2000 Dom Perignon or go all the way with a more classy 2000 Cristal  Rosé. Here are the prices, pool included of course.
2000 Dom Perignon 7.567.420 euros.
1998 Comtes Blanc de Blancs 10.721.732 euro’s
2002 Cristal 14.081.760 euro’s
2000 Cristal  Rosé 24.573.263 euro’s

So what are you waiting for? Get to work and make your dreams come true. And when it does, don’t forget to invite the Lords of the Drinks for a swim.

Micky Bumbar


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