7 Sustainably Brewed Beers that May Save the Planet

Some beer breweries are pretty inventive when it comes to sustainability.

As the world population is growing, so is the amount of polution. And as the environment in general is suffering, there is just one question on everyone’s mind; will we be able to provide everyone with good beer in the future? Luckily there are some breweries that are all about sustainability. From all over the planet people find new and inventive ways to make beer and some of them are truly inspiring. We came up with a list of 7 beers that might just help save the planet we live on.

Hemelswater is a Dutch beer made from rainwater.

7. Hemelswater by brewery De Prael (Holland)
What do you do when you live in a country where it seems to rain all the time? Turn all that water into beer of course. Brewery De Prael in the Dutch capital Amsterdam came up with a beer called Hemelswater, which in Dutch can mean both heavenly water and water from the sky. So far the makers of this beer have 2 tanks that catch rainwater for their beer, but they hope to expand with lots of tanks on rooftops all over the city.

Er boqueron is a Spanish brew made with seawater.

6. Er Boqueron by brewery La Socarrada (Spain)
With the sealevel rising worldwide we might face a furure scenario where we have to play a game of ‘drinking or drowning’. Well if that drink is a tasty beer, that’s an easy choice to make. The brewery La Socarrada which is based in the Spanish city Valencia uses water from the Mediterranean Sea to brew beers. Er Boqueron doesn’t taste salty at all, but the makers claim that their product is completely natural, as the beer has no added gas, is unfiltered and not pasteurised.

The water used to make the Chilean beer Atrapaniebla is completely taken from fog.

5. Atrapaniebla by brewery Atrapaniebla (Chile)
Well, we know what to do with a surplus of water, but what about those places in the world where it’s extremely dry most of the year? A small brewery in the Chilean Atacama Desert has the answer. The Atrapaniebla brewery makes beer with the same name by using fog instead of water. The word Atrapaniebla also literally means fog catcher. Since the 1950’s people from the small town of Peña Blanca got their drinking water by turning fog into a liquid form. Since 2015 they started using some of this water to make beer.

This Czech model provided the special ingredient for the Polish beer Bottled Instinct.

4. Bottled Instinct by brewery The Order of Yoni (Poland)
So as it turns out one can use rainwater, seawater and even fog to make beer, but these three ingredients seem perfectly normal compared to the special ingredient of the Polish beer Bottled Instinct. The brewers of The Order of Yoni use vaginal liquids for their beers. This way they claim to have captured the essence of your perfect woman in a beer. Well we say: if drinking ‘pussy juice beer’ helps to preserve the environment, bottoms up!

The beers from Toast Ale are a tasty alternative for food waste.

3. All beers from Toast Ale (United Kingdom)
A 7.000 year old recipe to make beer with bread crumbs inspired Toast Ale to a brilliant solution for food waste worldwide. Instead of throwing unsold bakery products away, why not use them to brew beer? After inspiring several British breweries the “Rev-ALE-ution” as they call it is going global. Toast Ale has already introduced its concept in the United States, Brazil, South African and Iceland as well.

New Zealand is the first country in the world to sell a bi-product of beer as fuel.

2. DB Export by DB Export brewery (New Zealand)
It’s not so much that DB Export beer itself has eco-friendly ingredients, it’s all about what happens after the brewing process is completed. This brewery from New Zealand takes the ethanol that’s left in the waste and turns it into fuel. This brewtroleum as it’s called is sold at several gas stations, making the ‘Kiwis’ the first people in the world to fuel their cars with a by-product of beer.

Full Circle was created to tackle the negative image of re-using wastewater.

1. Full Circle by Stone brewery (United States)
The water used to make Full Circle pale ale is the same water that was used to flush yesterday’s meal down the toilet. That’s why the beer made by Stone Brewery in San Diego is also referred to as a “toilet tap”. In fact this American city hopes to take a third of the city’s drinking water from filtered wastewater in the year 2035. To tackle negative reactions the local brewers of Stone were asked to make a beer from the same water. So far nobody who drank this brew got sick or died from it.

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