Indian Woman Strangles Drunk Husband to Death

An Indian woman that killed her drunk husband faces a lifetime in prison in Mumbai.

Shocking news from India as yet another drunk guy was found dead. Not eaten by a python like last time we had news from this country, but strangled by his own wife. Horrible news, absolutely. No rightful drunkard wants to develop a fear of drinking, cause the woman he loves might kill him while he’s defenseless. However we found a bit of a dark upside to this story. Let’s face it, India usually makes the news when women get raped by men, and women rights groups will protest for respect, equality and emancipation. Well, wasn’t strangeling always a very manly way of killing, where the use of poison was traditionally the woman’s way to murder? In that light India may just got herself her own Rosa Parks.

The incident occured in the city of Kalwa, in the outskirts of the metropolis Mumbai. A man named Sanjay Kale was found dead in brothers house last Saturday morning. When his family didn’t see any marks of a struggle or fight, they assumed he died of a disease. The police who came to the scene also marked his death as an accident. Chandrakant Katkar, senior police inspector of Rabale MIDC police station, declared: “However, the post-mortem report said that he was strangulated to death. We started taking statements of the family and after finding concrete evidence, we arrested Asha on Sunday.”

Asha is Asha Kale, the ‘loving’ wife of Sanjay Kale and mother of his 2 children. As it turns out the couple had been fighting for a month over the fact that Sanjay gave 100.000 Indian rupee (just over 1300 euro) to one of his sisters without telling his wife. On Friday night shit hit the fence. Asha got her husband drunk till he was like butter in her hands, took him to his brothers house and strangeled him to death. She almost got away with it, but on Sunday she was arrested and now she’s in police custody facing her trial. When convicted she’s looking at a maximum penalty of a lifetime in prison. As fellow drunkards we would see that as justice, but maybe Asha will find it a small price to pay in the struggle for equality by women in India and that’s also important.

Micky Bumbar


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