Drunk Arsenal player Bendtner “tries to hump a taxi”

Nicklas Bendtner in more sober days.

Nicklas Bendtner in more sober days.

A taxi driver from Copenhagen claims that Arsenal striker and Danish international Nicklas Bendtner tried to hump his car in a drunk state of mind. In the Danish newspaper BT he explains how he got into a fight with his drunk famous passenger, after which the Arsenal star dropped his pants and started humping the vehicle, while screaming “I will fuck you”. The incident occured on Tuesday night after Arsenal got eliminated from the Champions League by Bayern Munich. Bendtner wasn’t part of the match squad in Germany and watched the game in the Danish capital. The 47-year old cab driver also informed the police about the incident.

The story started as he picked up Bendtner and three friends at a restaurant where they watched the Champions League match on TV. The driver says his passengers then started damaging his property and Bendtner took a CD from him. When the driver asked it back, he claims the Arsenal player replied that he would ‘smash’ the taxi driver if he wasn’t so well known and called him a ‘fat little pig’. When the driver threatened them with the police it got even better…

In BT the drivers says:  “I locked the doors and windows, but Bendtner was out by the side window and began to unbutton his pants. He also took out his belt and began to whip the car while he rubbed his abdomen against the window and yelled that he will fuck me. I have encountered drunks and alcoholics in Copenhagen for over 25 years, but I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

BT also contacted the ‘Bendtner camp’, but his spokeswoman Elisa Lykke didn’t want to comment on the matter.

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