LOTD gets a Versatile Blogger Award

The Lords of the Drinks snatched another award.

The Lords of the Drinks snatched another award.

Oh glorious day…. We, we… We don’t know what to say. Oh wait, we do have a little speech prepared. First of all we’d like to thank God for blessing us with a lot of thirst and the genes to handle alcohol well. Also a shout out to our families who through the years brought forward many fine drinkers. Their efforts in the past clearly gave us an advantage in the present. And last but not least we want to thank our friends, all the awesome people that never left our side when there was heavy drinking to be done. This Versatile Blogger Award is not just for Lords of the Drinks, it’s for all of us.

versatileA what-award? Yeah, that was our reaction too. After the Liebster Award we got last time we’re a bit done with all this chain-posting over nothing. However we do really appreciate the fact that we were nominated by the blog Whimsical Electicist. This blogger is a loyal follower of our drunken rambling and therefor we cherish him. If you have the time, don’t hesitate to check out his blog too. There’s some funny stuff going on there. So instead of nominating another 15 blogs we just keep it short: thanks for the award and we’ll do our best to entertain you guys with more alcohol related stories. Cheers!

Lords of the Drinks

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