Joke: I believe I can fly


Nothing breaks the ice like a good joke. And who wants to do stupid knock knock ones, when you can entertain your company with cracks about drinking and drunkards? Cheers!

Two guys are drinking in a bar. At a certain moment one says to the other: “I know a magic building. If you jump off the roof, you won’t die and you can fly your way back.”
Well the other man doesn’t believe his new found drinking buddy and demands a demonstration. They go up to 50th floor of a building. The first guy jumps off the roof and indeed he comes back flying. The second man is completely blown away by this demonstration and decides to try the same. But when he jumps he drops down like a ton of bricks and dies on the pavement downstairs.
The first man returns to the bar alone, where the barkeeper is waiting for him. “You’re such an asshole when you’re drunk Superman, that was my third costumer this month.”

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