The World Cup 2014 Drinking Game

When the camera shows dancing fans, you have to do a little dance too.

When the camera shows dancing fans, you have to do a little dance too.

As you probably know the football World Cup is coming up. In 2014 all eyes are on Brazil as experts expect this tournament to be one of the most memorable ones. Well, we are trying to achieve the opposite with an awesome drinking game that you can play during matches. Even the dullest 0-0 match will turn into an exciting event. Of course we gave a little Brazilian spirit (literally since we advice you to play it with the local rum called cachaça or the lighter cocktail caipirinha) to this game. We hope you’ll enjoy it, we know we will.

So what do we need before we start playing? We need at least one kind of hard liquor. We would advice the Brazilian rum cachaça. But of course you can also use caipirinha, which is a typical Brazilian cocktail made with the same stuff. There also needs to be a lighter beverage. Caipirinha for the hardcore drinkers and otherwise you can use beer. Do you find it too difficult to find Brazilian rum, or is it simply too expensive where you live, then use normal rum or any other spirit. Further each player needs a large glass (at least 0.25 liter), a straw and a shotglass. Fill up the big glass with the weaker beverage (caipirinha or beer) and the shotglass with your strongest.

Game rules:
The first thing each player does is choose a team to support. It doesn’t matter if multiple players support the same team. You can even be all on one side. It just determines when you have to drink what. Here’s what you need to do in the following scenario’s:

– Drink through a straw from the big glass for as long as the anthem of your team is playing.
– Drink 1 shot when your team scores a goal.
– Drink 3 shots when your team concedes a goal.
– Drink 1 shot if your team concedes a corner kick.
– Drink 1 shot if the opponent team gets a penalty.
– Drink 2 shots for every yellow card for your team.
– Drink 4 shots for every red card for your team. (2nd yellow for the same player is just 4 shots and not 6)
– Drink through your straw from the big cup whenever somebody holds the ball in his hands on screen. It doesn’t matter if it’s any of the goalkeepers, players or the referee.
– Whenever the camera shows people dancing (samba girls on the stands or players after a goal) or playing an instrument, you have to do a little dance that lasts until your next drink.

Micky Bumbar


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  1. An interesting variation on the theme would be to have the national drink of both teams playing on hand… eg Italy – grappa/France – cognac…




  2. Uh, a caipirinha is not weak. It’s just the cachaça with some sugar and lime juice over ice. Still pretty close to straight liquor.



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