LOTD’s Nikolay Nikolov in an interview about his passion for writing

The 'Machine from Pernik' in action.

The ‘Machine from Pernik’ in action.

A very nice post today on the weblog A Writer’s Journey. Our very own Nikolay Nikolov was interviewed about his passion for writing and of course Lords of the Drinks wasn’t left out here. Since we never really let you in on what moves us to expose you to our drunken drivel, you might find this interesting. And if not, that’s also okay. Pour yourself a drink and wait for more typical LOTD bla bla. At least we offered.

For the ones that are still with us, we would like to offer you a full ‘Nikolay package’ as as an addition to the great look into his writer’s soul that Tereza Denkova (the woman behind A Writer’s Journey) offered. In January 2014 we already brought an homage to ‘the Machine from Pernik’. And you might remember his glorious triumph at the More Honors Awards 2013. Actually I (Micky) remember doing an interview with my fellow writer afterwards, but sadly I can’t find it anywhere in our archives. I’m really starting to doubt if I ever wrote it down. That’s alcohol too people! Anyway, enjoy this interview on A Writer’s Journey instead.

Micky Bumbar


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