How to make pálinka?

Last Saturday your own writer Micky enjoyed some fine glasses of Hungarian pálinka. Homemade of course. Which got us interested in the recipe. Basically it’s quite the same as the rakia you can find in the countries at the Balkans peninsula. And here we stumbled on a great article that describes how to make your very own pálinka from scratch. Definetely a must read if you like making your own booze.

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This might sound like a silly article, but I observed that a lot of people accidentally find my blog, searching for a recipe for this drink. A couple of months ago I wrote a rather simple article on the benefits of palinka, in comparison with energy drinks. For this reason, each day I see people clicking on my blog searching for a way to make this brew. Well this blog is a pretty opened one, so why not write an article about it, so I can satisfy your curiosity.

1. First of all what do you make it out of? Well I’m sorry but this is neither whisky nor vodka. We don’t use wheat or barley, or maybe potatoes like the Irish do. It has to be made out of fruits. You name it. The most common is made out of plums (prunes), but then again you can find a…

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