Six drinks for real carnivores

Bottle of Chinese baby mice wine.

Bottle of Chinese baby mice wine.

For many people the Monday is a day to eat vegetarian. Well not the Lords of the Drinks. Just like we love a good alcoholic beverage, we are quite fund of a nice piece of meat. Which made us curious to find out what drinks we could find for the real carnivore. Well we all know the tequila worm, but this is just the top of the iceberg. Especially in Asia you can get hammered on the most exotic animals.

1. baby mice wine
A Chinese and Korean medicine that is considered to cure many diseases, like liver failure. The baby mice are drowned alive in rice wine and left to ferment in this bottle for a year. Normally we are very open to trying every new alcoholic treat, but this may be where we draw the line. Cause in case you were wondering: yes, you should swollow the mide too.

2. Snake wine
Available in several countries in South East Asia and especially Vietnam. A whole snake (preferably a venomous one like a cobra) is put in a bottle of rice wine or hard grain liquor. The snake’s venom is broken down by the ethanol. Also this drink is considered to have healing powers, as well as to increase sexual performances. The real die hards can eat certain parts of the snake too, like the eyes for example. Another popular type of snake drink is to mix it’s blood with an alcoholic beverage into a ‘tasty’ cocktail.

3. Scorpion whisky or vodka
Another drink from South East Asia. Just like the snakes, the black scorpions are believed to be a great aphrodisiac. Besides that it gives a very special flavor to the drink. Less spectacular alternatives for the snake or the scorpion are gecko’s or seahorses. Recently scorpions also appear in Mexico and the US on the bottom of tequila bottles.

4. Tarantula cocktail
In Cambodia they know how to make creepy stuff too. The tarantula cocktail is a mix of rice wine, jackfruit and a big fat spider. It is said to be good for your heart as well as (here we go again) an aphrodisiac. The tarantula’s are added to the drink while still alive and are believed to be sweet and crunchy.

5. Tequila worm
Well, we kept the common name for this creature. But actually you won’t easily see a worm drowned in a tequila bottle. The creatures usually drift around in a bottle of mezcal, another Mexican strong drink. This larva can be a red worm or a maguey worm. It is often soaked in pure alcohol, before added to the bottle.

6. Bacon vodka
Real crispy bacon in a vodka bottle, how do you come up with it? A company in Seattle tried it and if we should believe them it was a big success since the meat flavor was very well preserved. One for the real meat freak.

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