The best excuses to start drinking early

Fishing is one of the activities that make drinking during the day socially accepted.

In a lot of countries it is not really socially accepted to start drinking early. A lot of people look at you weird when you start drinking beer in the morning or early afternoon. Not to mention wine or hard liquor. However there are some exceptions. So here’s a list of activities that allow you to drink and still won’t make you outcast in the so called “civilized countries”.

1. Football matches
Whether it’s the local team or a match on TV, it’s quite accepted to consume huge amounts of alcohol while watching a game.

2. Fishing
Even if you don’t like the activity itself, just gather some friends in the morning and some crates of beer. Throw a line in the water and you’re good to go. It’s totally accepted to drink on the waterside.

3. Throw a barbecue
People associate barbecues with alcohol. So even if you have one at 12 in the afternoon, nobody thinks it’s weird you’re consuming large amounts of alcohol.

4. Get on the water
It doesn’t matter if it’s sailing, rowing or kayaking, on the water everybody drinks. Real ‘water rats’ will often give you quotes like “the water makes me thirsty”. And if you can’t walk straight once back on land you can always say you’re sea sick.

5. Go on a city trip
Drinking may still not be socially accepted in another city, but nobody knows you here, so who cares?! Plus they might think this is an exception because you are having a day out.

In addition to this handy tips we’d like to point out that usually drinking in a bar is more socially accepted than drinking in the streets or in a park. However, there’s nothing like a drink in the open air. So if drinking early or outside doesn’t hurt your (professional) reputation too much, we suggest you just keep on doing it.

Micky Bumbar

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  1. Haha, we had no problem with that. Because its socially accepted to drink in the ‘morning’ if u didnt sleep for the whole night :D.


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