Bottle of vodka saves dying dog



A whole bottle of vodka saved the life of a Maltese terrier (like the one in the picture) after it got heavily poisoned in Melbourne, Australia, writes the online edition of The Independent

The dog was rushed to hospital after it licked up anti-freeze at home and suffered from Ethylene Glycol poisoning. The vets remembered that the ethanol in the vodka alters the chemical reaction triggered by the anti-freeze and prevents kidney failure. So they gave the Maltese terrier vodka through tubes fed from his nose into his stomach.

The dog drank a whole 700 ml bottle of vodka over two days. The team vet admitted that alcohol was the only antidote for such poisoning in Australia, as reported by The Independent. The owner of the dog said that it behaved just like a drunk person and even puked a little.


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    • Hahaha oh God no… I don’t like rust in my vodka. I’ll use cola instead for the screws and use the vodka for way nr 1! 😉


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