Drunk joke: Busted for drinking and driving

Mondays are tough enough, so let’s lighten the mood with a good old drinking joke. This one is about drunken driving. Now we know that our audience are usually not that touchy, so we won’t bother in stating that drunk driving is never funny. Just don’t do it in real life. Enjoy the joke!

Joke: The fly in the beer

It’s time for a drinking joke again. Not to give away the clue just yet, but when an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman walk into a bar at the same time, it should lead to a funny situation. So enjoy!

Joke: a bet in the bar

Time for a little drunk humor then to start the weekend with a smile. Are you the type that makes ridiculous bets in bars as soon as the alcohol kicks in? In that case this joke  might sound familiar or inspire you to make a quick buck in a fun way. Enjoy!

Joke: the drunkard and the bum

  After a bunch of deeper stories it’s time for some simple entertainment. In other words: time for a joke. Have you ever had some homeless bum ruining your buzz by asking for money? Well,  as you will see, you can spin this situation into your advantage. Enjoy this joke and if you want more,…

Joke: the genie and the tiny pianist

From time to time we like to lighten the mood with a joke. And it’s about that time again. Here’s a classic ‘Man walks into  a bar-joke’. Hope you like it and remember you can always check more funny drinking jokes in our collection. Cheers!

240 Ways to Say You’re Drunk

Getting drunk has always been an important part of human history. That’s why there are so many words in every language to describe this phenomenon. The University of Glasgow Scotland came up with a list of all the words in the English language to describe when you’re tap-shackled, foxed, shot in the neck or cock-eyed. From…

Drunk woman crashes stolen taxi into American police car

We’re absolutely no fans of drinking and driving. We prefer you take a taxi to get home when you’re smashed. A woman named Felicia Williams (34) in the American town Rochester (New York) took this advice quite literally. After a drunken night she stole a taxi and took it for a joyride that ended by…