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Drunk Australian wins fight with a crocodile


A crocodile attack is quite powerful. Being intoxicated may actually save your life here.

When under the influence of alcohol it might not be the best idea ever to start wrestling crocodiles. However the alcohol might just be the reason that Stephen Moreen is still alive after a fight with one of these large reptiles this weekend. The 20-year old Australian was attacked by a 2 meter long crocodile in a town called Peppimenarti in the region Northern Territory. Moreen was dragged under water but still managed to survive. Probably cause the alcohol numbed the pain and stopped him from panicking.

Normally when a crocodile grabs a human being and drags him or her under water it’s a done deal. They can kill by performing the notorious death roll or just wait till their pray runs out of oxygen. However Moreen remained calm and poked his attacker in the eye. As soon as the living dinosaur let him go, his cousin shot the beast. The tipsy Australian escaped with a few puncture wounds. Only back on the shore he saw the damage and realized how lucky he was.

“I wasn’t too worried until I saw the scars. It made me cry”, Moreen declared to the Australian news station ABC. “I’m fine, I’m alive. It could have been bad. It could have got my leg. I was about waist deep (in water). I have a scratch on my back, the rest on my arm. He ripped out a bit of skin and left me with two or three holes.”


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