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25 reasons why alcohol should be served at work


There are plenty of reasons why alcohol should be served at work.

Most employers don’t allow their employees to drink at work. The general assumption is that people would be less productive when intoxicated by alcohol. It’s time to take away the prejudgements about drinking at work once and for all. Here are 25 reasons to prove that serving alcohol at the job actually has a lot of positive effects.

1. It’s a great reason for employees to show up for work.
2. Nobody complains about low salaries anymore
3. It leads to more honest communication on the workfloor
4. Employees will tell their bosses what they think, instead of what they wanna hear.
5. Employees will feel more satisfied about their job.
6. Creativity on the workfloor will increase big time.
7. Nobody will have a problem with working late.
8. People don’t care for vacations anymore.
9. Complains about being stressed or overworked will belong to the past.
10. It makes fellow employees look better.
11. The number of complains about the cafetaria food will drop instantly.
12. Employees will no longer feel the need to get drunk on their lunch break.
13. The company will save a lot of money on coffee, since nobody wants to sober up.
14. Bosses are more likely to give raises when they’re drunk.
15. There’s a higher chance you’ll see your hot colleagues naked.
16. There’s a good chance you might even see your boss naked.
17. Making copies of your bare ass will no longer shock anyone.
18. It encourages car pooling.
19. It helps to save heating costs in the winter.
20. People calling off work because they have a hangover will no longer be an issue.
21. The company saves money on paintball, survival camps and other teambuilding activities. What’s better way than bodyshots to get to know your colleagues right?!
22. No time is wasted at the water cooler anymore.
23. The work stories you share at home will no longer bore your partner.
24. The turnover rate will drop. Who wants to leave a company where you can drink?
25. If you do something stupid at work, it will be easily forgotten.

Micky Bumbar


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