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The Top 10 Strongest Alcoholic Drinks in the World


To drink the alcoholic beverages on this list unthinned comes close to drinking pure toxic.

Are you the kind of person who downs hard liquor with a straight face? Are you that tough guy or girl that downs any kind of booze, no matter how strong? Well, do we have a challenge for you. We created a ranking of the strongest alcoholic drinks legally available in stores around the world, so moonshines are excluded from the list. Now these spirits can literally be used as car fuel, so just imagine the burning sensation your mouth, throat and stomach will experience. Of the 10 drinks that made the cut only one has an alcohol percentage just below 85. Time to check out the hottest kinds of ‘fire water’ this planet has to offer.

Eesti Piiritus, the hardest liquor in the world.

Eesti Piiritus (Estonia Spirit) 96.6 %
This spirit comes from the small Baltic state Estonia. As in most former parts of the Soviet Union the locals know how to handle their booze. Estonia is also a very popular destination for alcohol tourists from expensive Scandinavia, especially Sweden and Finland. With their Eesti Piiritus the Estonians made the Guiness Book of Records for strongest alcoholic beverage in 1938 with an impressive 98%. By now they still produce booze with a decent 96.6 % alcohol.

Cocoroco, an incredibly strong drink from Bolivia.

2. Cocoroco 96%
This Bolivian booze is just a little less strong than the number one, but still hellish. It’s distilled from sugar cane and usually comes in a tin can, rather than a bottle, which makes the illusion that you might be drinking paint thinner even more real. Cocoroco is prohibited in many other countries because with an alcohol percentage of 96 it´s simply too strong. In Bolivia´s neighbouring country Chile for example no drink can be over 55% alcohol by law.

Spirytus from Poland, one of the hardest liquors in the world.

3. Spirytus Rektyfikowany 96%
A shared second spot for Poland on this list. We let Bolivia go first in this post, since the Poles already hold the unofficial world record in highest blood alcohol content ever measured. That basically tells the whole story about Poland as a real drinking country. Spiritus is a very strong vodka made from grain, that exactly like cocoroco reaches an alcohol percentage of 96.

Everclear, the most hardcore drink in the USA.

4. Everclear 95%
Now this is real good old American fire water. Everclear is made from corn and reaches the respectable alcohol percentage of 95. For sure not a drink for the faint/hearted.

5. Bruichladdich X4 92%
Good luck bringing this one to a whiskey tastery. This Scottish single malt contains no less than 92% alcohol. Well, it has been distilled no less than 4 times. The brand got a lot of fame when the British national television station BBC succesfully fueled a car with this stuff, as you can see in the video above.

Poitin, the legalized moonshine from Ireland.

6. Poitín (Poteen) 90%
The typical strong drink from Ireland, made from barley, potatoes, whey or grain. The first record of poitín was from the 6th century. But for 300 years it had the status of illegal moonshine , until poitín was legalized in 1977. The strongest kinds available in stores nowadays have an alcohol percentage of 90.

Czech absinthes can have extremely high alcohol percentages.

7. Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe 89.9%
Czech Republic is nowadays the promised land for absinthe lovers, as this country has a large variety of brands. Many of them also have higher alcohol percentages (as well as thujone, the substance that allegedly is responsible for psychedelic effects) and Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve has the highest of all: a decent 89.9.

Pincer Shanghai Strength, a liver killer that contains liver medicine.

8. Pincer Shanghai Strength 88.8%
This is the second time Scotland pops up in our list, making it the only country with multiple drinks in the top-10 of strongest drinks in the world. Pincer Shanghai Strength is a botanical vodka with an alcohol percentage of 88.8. One of the ingredients is milk thistle, which is considered a medicine for the liver. But somehow we highly doubt it can undo the damage of the drink’s alcohol content.

Balkan 176, a tough vodka from Serbia.

9. Balkan 176 – 88%
This vodka is produced in Serbia, where it’s distilled three times. In order to get the drink this strong it’s hand crafted in small batches. Every bottle comes with no less than 13 health warnings, so there will be no mistake that Balkan 176 is a killer drink.

Sunset, a super strong white rum from the West Indies.

10. Sunset Very Strong Rum 84.5%
We close our list with a white rum from the West Indies. The name Sunset Very Strong Rum describes this drink quite well, as it has an alcohol percentage of 84.5. Perhaps not the hardest liquor mentioned in this post, but for sure it will burn in your throat.

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