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UK introducing new laws that force people to wear booze bracelets


Lindsay Lohan showing off her booze bracelet.

This world is getting more and more crazy. Stuff that we were laughing away as stupid science fiction in the past is getting very, very real. The latest violation of people’s privacy in Europe comes from the United Kingdom, where new laws are introduced to force people to wear booze bracelets. This device measures the amount of alcohol in your sweat every half hour. Soon British courts will have the power to give alcohol offenders a drinking limit or cut them off completely. In the United States the booze bracelets are already being used. For example actress Lindsay Lohan is wearing one.

A pilot of this project called The Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring scheme will run first in South London next month. After that it can be introduced everywhere across England and Wales. The weird thing is that the system is far from waterproof. According to the American makers of the brand SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) the sensor in their bracelets can be set off by spray tans or fragrances that contain alcohol. So a bit of parfume or deodorant can get you in deeper trouble, what a system…

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