Lords of the Drinks

Former Dutch stars drinking before the match against Spain


The golden Dutch generation of 1988 raising a glass long before their countrymates face Spain. From left to right these are Arnold Mühren, Gerald Vanenburg, Aron Winter, Ronald Koeman, Erwin Koeman, Berry van Aerle and Jan Wouters.

If you are not living on another planet (and even in that case) you probably noticed the shocking 5-1 victory of the Netherlands over Spain yesterday at the world cup. Many theories have been released since then, but we claim we have the one and only real  explanation. In Spain they believe garlic brings you  luck, in Holland they have a different magical substance: booze! On this picture that Ronald Koeman put on you see some of the Dutch players that won the European Championship in 1988, the only major cup Holland ever won. Apparently the golden generation went for a booze cruise on the canals of Amsterdam before the match against Spain. With this stunning evidence in mind we encourage people from all over the world to make their  livers suffer to help their national teams. Cheers!

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