Lords of the Drinks

The Cleopatra treatment still exists in Japan


A waiter serves you red wine, while you are already bathing in it.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be bathing in wine, just like the last Egyptian pharaoh Cleoptra? You know we did. We even figured out the costs for living this dream: 367.360 euro’s. Most of you probably don’t carry this kind of money around, so we found a cheaper solution. In the Japanese town of Hakone there is a place called the Yunessun Spa Resort. Here you can actually swim in wine, while a waiter is walking by to fill up your glass. Sure, sometimes it gets a bit crowded especially in the weekends and holidays, but it is the cheapest way to feel at least a little like Cleopatra. And if you are not a big fan of red wine, there is also a bath filled with the national drink sake. Check out the photo’s.

Strike fast when the waiter comes along.

Please do bring your kids.

Wine is to be enjoyed in company.

Sometimes it gets a little crowded.

And then there is the sake bath.