Lords of the Drinks

Lost on the ocean in a small boat


Well it’s time for another joke. This one is about two people in a boat lost on the wide ocean. Hope you’ll enjoy it…

An airplane crashes into the ocean an there are only two survivors. They even manage to get their hands on a small rescue boat. There is even a small bag of supplies. Some food, a bottle of water and flairs to give a rescue signal, but no booze. The last item they find is an Arabic lamp like in the fairy tales.

One of the men grabs the lamp and says cynical: “let’s rub this lamp en ask the genie for booze.” The two have a good laugh, but turn pale when a genie actually pops out after the rubbing. With a deep voice he explains: “hello masters, I am here to fulfill any wish you might have. However, unlike in the fairy tales I will only grant you one. So make this one wish count.”

The man who rubbed the lamp doesn’t need a second more. “I wish this whole ocean is no longer made of water, but beer.” The genie makes some gestures and mumbles some magic spells and poof! The boat is floating in an endless pool of beer. On every side as far as the eye can see and beyond.

The magic lamp and genie disappear to the bottom of the sea to wait there for a new master to come along. After it’s completely out of side the second man turns to his mate rather pissed off. “Nice going you idiot! Do you realize what you’ve done? Now we have to piss in the boat!”