America allows home beermaking in all states

Americans have a huge occasion to celebrate now. Brewing is already legal in all of the United States. The permission comes after Alabama lifted the ban in May, followed by Mississippi on July 1st. However, it wasn’t until now that the rest of the states realized how important it is for their citizens to produce…

Some cool drinking t-shirts

You like drinking? Well, sometimes you have to make it clear at first sight. A little bit of showing off, you know. We show you several cool drinking t-shirts that will help you steal some looks at the next party.

So you are drinking? Speak up!

We already made clear that drinking is a social event. And as a participant in such, you should speak up and be louder, so that more and more people will notice your excellent way of having fun and join you. Lords of the Drinks will be so kind to tell you one way to do…

Top 11 Sports to Play When Drunk

People say alcohol is an obstacle to sports, but actually there are cases when drinking and training complement each other and you should try those combinations! Lords Of The Drinks present you a non-exhaustive list of sports that go well with drinking. In case we’ve forgotten something, don’t hesitate to remind us!

Say “Cheers” in 60 languages, be a citizen of the world!

While it is true that alcohol removes barriers between people and melts the ice (if you put some in the glass), you need to impress your drinking friends from abroad when you explode with them. Admit it: you are always pleasantly surprise to hear a foreigner saying something useful in your language. But let’s not…